Team Fi – Beach Head Marathon

Fiona Holmes

We formed ‘Team Fi ‘ to support our beautiful friend and team member Fiona Holmes. We think Fiona is best explaining this:

“Hello lovely friends and family. As you all know I have Mesothelioma Sarcomatoid – an aggressive and terminal asbestos-related cancer. Important research funded by Mesothelioma UK into cures and prolonging patients lives is not government funded and they rely almost entirely on donations by people like you.

When Sarah first told me she was planning to run the Beachy Head Marathon which is the second hardest off road marathon, in the UK, I told her she was crazy! But when she also then told me that she was running along with Sue, Charity, Steve & Holly and were running it for me and for Mesothelioma UK, I told her it was a great idea!! Holly is also running in memory of a close family friend, Jim Walker, who was also diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Of course, I would have loved to have had the choice whether or not to run this event with them, but my illness has sadly taken this and many other opportunities away from me. However, I am going to experience all of the ups and downs with them every step of the way and share the pain (via text message and WhatsApp!!). She said that when things were tough, they would think about the reasons why they were doing this challenge… and push on.

Any donation goes directly to the organisation that can help make a difference, by funding the research to find a cure, and support patients of this disease, which are on the increase.”

Team Fi raised an incredible £14,000!