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Your Health Companion?

Your Health Companion is a free, digital app that allows you to keep track of your symptoms, quality of life, experience of care and costs in one central, secure place.


When living with cancer, knowing what impact the disease is having on your life is essential if you are to receive the best care possible. The Companion works like a private diary, that enables you to keep an accurate record in one place, across time, of your symptoms, quality of life, costs and experience of care. This helps you be better equipped to monitor changes in your health and wellbeing and better able to communicate accurately with healthcare professionals, so together you can better understand how to manage the illness and symptoms.


By using Your Health Companion you will also help drive advancements in treatments and medicines by providing real-world evidence: what it is really like living with the disease.

Across the UK, existing cancer registries routinely collect information about every single cancer patient and use it to help doctors and healthcare teams decide on the most effective treatment.  However, what is lacking is the ‘patient voice’ – YOUR voice.

Developed in collaboration with DaSH Global, a leading real-world evidence company, the Companion app is underpinned by validated research instruments called Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs). Anonymous data collected by Your Health Companion sits alongside treatment data, to help inform research and understanding in order to make fully informed decisions on how to improve standards and treatments.

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