Multi-Disciplinary Teams

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To assist in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, hospitals have teams of doctors and nurses, each with their own areas of expertise, who work together to try and provide the best care for patients. 

These are known as Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs). These teams are made up of Consultant doctors, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists (doctors who treat cancers using chemotherapy and radiotherapy), surgeons and specialist nurses.  These teams meet regularly to discuss the cases of individual patients, with confirmed or suspected mesothelioma, to agree on the likelihood of the diagnosis being correct, on the stage of the disease and best treatment strategy. The wishes of the patient are taken into close consideration when treatment plans are discussed. Following MDT discussion, treatment options will be explained to the patient and referrals will be made as necessary. 

There is a national peritoneal MDT at Basingstoke Hospital, Hampshire that meets monthly. Mesothelioma UK funds a peritoneal nurse specialist who attends this MDT. Please call our Freephone Support Line on 0800 169 2409 for information about how cases can be referred to the peritoneal MDT.  

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Multi-disciplinary teams

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Your calm empathy was very much appreciated by me and my father clearly found your presence reassuring especially in the rather stressful environment of A+E … you made a real difference to my father’s hospital experience and he and my while family were very appreciative.

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