Share your story

Everyone has a story to tell.

Not everyone knows we still have asbestos in our buildings, the dangers of asbestos and the risk of mesothelioma – you can help change that.

Sharing a video of your story can make a huge difference. It helps those who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, as well as families and carers. But it also informs the general public about the continuing legacy of asbestos in our country and the need to change this.

So, whatever it is you want to talk about, be it your exposure to asbestos, diagnosis and treatment journey or sources of support, we’d really like to hear about it.

Instructions on how to send us your video via WeTransfer are below. Once you’ve sent your video to us, with your permission we will host it on our YouTube Channel as well as potentially use it in our future awareness campaigns.

If you’d rather talk to someone, email and we can interview you and publish a written version of your story.

Jessica Groves’ Story

“We need to raise awareness because this is so much of a preventable disease…if we just got the information”

Watch Liam Bradley’s video about his story.

You can find more like this on our YouTube channel.

How to create your video

Top Tips for filming

  • Film against a plain background
  • Try to film in natural light where you can – avoid dark or extremely bright places
  • Avoid background noise
  • Try and keep you or whoever is in the video, centre of the screen

How do I send my video to you?


Go to to upload your video and email to View or click the image to the right to see how to upload your video via wetransfer:

Fill in our consent form

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