Research and Audit Scientific Committee (RASC) 

The RASC was established in 2020 to help us plan our research programme and to ensure that the programme aligns with our research strategy. 

The committee is made up of researchers, healthcare professionals and people living with mesothelioma and/or their carers.  

They are responsible for reviewing all grant applications to the charity and are obliged to declare any conflict of interest upon joining. All of our members are appointed for a term of three years, with a maximum of two terms.  

Under our current guidelines for any grants awarded over £27,000, RASC must send the application for peer review. For grants under that threshold, it is at the discretion of RASC to decide if an external peer review is needed. Our full peer review policy can be read here. 


The current members of the RASC are: 

Professor Stefan Marciniak (Chair)
Dr Anna Bibby
Professor Judy Coulson
Ms Hannah Ball
Ms Leah Taylor
Dr Nima Moghaddan
Dr Elizabeth Sage

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) 

We are members of the AMRC, which means that we work to the principles of peer review that they have set out. Having AMRC membership is seen as a hallmark of quality research funding and is really important in helping us to build our research activity as we move forward.  

Use of animals in research 

We support the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) position statement on using animals in research. 

National Institute of Health Research (HIHR) 

We are proud to be members of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR), which partners with health and social care charities to support high quality research. By working together with charities like Mesothelioma UK, the NIHR drives alignment in the health and care research ecosystem to ensure research provides the maximum benefit for patients and the public, and that resources and expertise are put to the best use.