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​Here you’ll find a selection of newly published mesothelioma research. Links to the abstract and full text (where available) are included. This includes research completed by our team at Sheffield.

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Allione A, Viberti C, Cotellessa I, et al. Blood cell DNA methylation biomarkers in preclinical malignant pleural mesothelioma: The EPIC prospective cohort. Int J Cancer. 2023 Feb 15;152(4):725-737. doi: 10.1002/ijc.34339.

Darnton L. Quantitative assessment of mesothelioma and lung cancer risk based on Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) estimates of fibre exposure: an update of 2000 asbestos cohort data. Environ Res. 2023 Aug 1;230:114753. doi: 10.1016/j.envres.2022.114753.

Dawson AG, Kutywayo K, Mohammed SB, Fennell DA, Nakas A. Cytoreductive surgery with hyperthermic intrathoracic chemotherapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma: a systematic review. Thorax. 2023 Apr;78(4):409-417. doi: 10.1136/thoraxjnl-2021-218214.

Guo X, Lin L, Zhu J. Immunotherapy vs. Chemotherapy in Subsequent Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: Which Is Better? J Clin Med. 2023 Mar 27;12(7):2531. doi: 10.3390/jcm12072531. PMID: 37048614; PMCID: PMC10095244.

Hargreaves S, Gardiner C, Tod A, Darlison L. Mesothelioma palliative care needs: supporting patients and families with new research-based resources. Br J Community Nurs. 2023 May 2;28(5):248-252. doi: 10.12968/bjcn.2023.28.5.248. PMID: 37130714.

Kassirian S, Hinton SN, Cuninghame S, et al. Diagnostic sensitivity of pleural fluid cytology in malignant pleural effusions: systematic review and meta-analysis. Thorax. 2023 Jan;78(1):32-40. doi: 10.1136/thoraxjnl-2021-217959.

Kepenekian V, Sgarbura O, Marchal F, Villeneuve L, Glehen O, Kusamura S, Deraco M. Peritoneal Mesothelioma: Systematic Review of Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy (HIPEC) Protocol Outcomes. Indian J Surg Oncol. 2023 Jun;14(Suppl 1):39-59. doi: 10.1007/s13193-023-01728-6. Epub 2023 Mar 4. PMID: 37359920; PMCID: PMC10284774.

Kusamura S, Baratti D, De Simone M, Pasqual EM, Ansaloni L, Marrelli D, Robella M, Accarpio F, Valle M, Scaringi S, Biacchi D, Palopoli C, Gazzanelli S, Guaglio M, Deraco M. Diagnostic and Therapeutic Pathway in Diffuse Malignant Peritoneal Mesothelioma. Cancers (Basel). 2023 Jan 21;15(3):662. doi: 10.3390/cancers15030662. PMID: 36765620; PMCID: PMC9913096.

Lewis RC, Smith SJ, Krevanko CF, Hall ED, Miller EW, Beckett EM, Pierce JS. Occupational exposure to cosmetic talc and mesothelioma in barbers, hairdressers, and cosmetologists: A systematic review of the epidemiology. Toxicol Ind Health. 2023 Aug 1:7482337231191162. doi: 10.1177/07482337231191162. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37527434.

Mejia-Garcia A, Bonilla DA, Ramirez CM, Escobar-Díaz FA, Combita AL, Forero DA, Orozco C. Genes and Pathways Involved in the Progression of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma: A Meta-analysis of Genome-Wide Expression Studies. Biochem Genet. 2023 Jun 22. doi: 10.1007/s10528-023-10426-5. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 37347449.

Marcu A, McGregor F, Egan B, Hill K, Cook T, Arber A. Developing sustainable patient and public involvement in mesothelioma research: multi-method exploration with researchers, patients, carers, and patient organisations. Res Involv Engagem. 2023 Mar 25;9(1):15. doi: 10.1186/s40900-023-00426-5.

Moore A, Bennett B, Taylor-Stokes G, Daumont MJ. Caregivers of patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma: who provides care, what care do they provide and what burden do they experience? Qual Life Res. 2023 Sep;32(9):2587-2599. doi: 10.1007/s11136-023-03410-4. Epub 2023 Apr 25. PMID: 37097405; PMCID: PMC10393857.

Tagliamento M, Bironzo P, Curcio H, et al. A systematic review and meta-analysis of trials assessing PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint inhibitors activity in pre-treated advanced stage malignant mesothelioma. Crit Rev Oncol Hematol. 2022 Apr;172:103639. doi: 10.1016/j.critrevonc.2022.103639.

Taylor B, Tod A, Gardiner C, Ejegi-Memeh S, Harrison M, Sherborne V, Couchman E, Senek M, Bachas Brook H, Ross J, Zhang X. Mesothelioma patient and carer experience research: A research prioritisation exercise. Eur J Oncol Nurs. 2023 Apr;63:102281. doi: 10.1016/j.ejon.2023.102281.

Wang Y, Xu Y, Kan Y, Wang W, Yang J. Prognostic value of 18F-FDG PET/CT in malignant pleural mesothelioma: a meta-analysis. Acta Radiol. 2023 Feb;64(2):552-562. doi: 10.1177/02841851221085378.

Zhu M, Lu Z, Guo H, Gu X, Wei D, Zhang Z. Diagnostic value of combination of biomarkers for malignant pleural mesothelioma: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Front Oncol. 2023 Apr 11;13:1136049. doi: 10.3389/fonc.2023.1136049.

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