National Mesothelioma Audit

In January 2019, the National Mesothelioma Audit (NMA), hosted by the Royal College of Physicians, began its mesothelioma organisational audit. The purpose of
this audit is to identify mesothelioma specific multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) across the whole of the UK and provide an evidence-based definition for these MDTs.

Phase 1 of this project concluded in mid-February as sites across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland completed a short online survey. This survey was
designed to help the NMA team and Mesothelioma UK identify where mesothelioma specific MDTs are based. Clinical teams were asked questions about diagnosis and referral of mesothelioma patients.

For phase 2, Susie Harden, clinical oncologist and co-clinical lead for the NMA, will be contacting these MDTs to better understand how they work and the resources and facilities available to them for diagnosing and treating their mesothelioma patients. We expect there to be over 15 of these MDTs in total.

Initial results will be presented at the (BTOG and Mesothelioma UK) Mesothelioma Essential Update 2019 on 11 March. Later in 2019, we will have a summary
report and a directory of these MDTs available on the Mesothelioma UK website.

The next NMA report, covering 2016-18 data, will be published in spring 2020. Mesothelioma UK would like to acknowledge Pat Stone Mesothelioma Support who provided funding to enable this audit to be completed.