Current Funding Streams

2021 call for


Two funding streams are available, for up to £20,000 and up to £40,000 respectively.

Themes for 2021 
Applications should detail a clinical research study aimed at evaluating the following interventions:
1. Improving the patient diagnostic pathway for mesothelioma
2. Improving symptom control in mesothelioma
3. Improving the Quality of Life (QoL) in patients with mesothelioma
4. Evaluating an app or other technology for use in patients with mesothelioma 

We are particularly keen to support projects that may lead to a larger application to Cancer Research UK (CRUK) or a National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) funding stream.  

Studies are expected to be completed over a 1–2-year period, beginning December 2021. 

15 January 2021  Grant open 
31 March 2021  Deadline for submitting application 
28 May 2021  Round 1 Shortlist announced 
30 July 2021  Round 2 Submission date 
1 November 2021  Successful applicant(s) notified & accepts 

Applications will be assessed in a two-stage process with initial applications being assessed in May 2021. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted in May 2021 and invited to complete a full application. 

How to apply
Applicants need to complete theapplication form and submit it to Mesothelioma UK by the deadline above. 

Applicants are advised to read the followingapplication informationbefore applying. 

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