Supporting our nurses

Read Jon Moss’s story of how his father-in-law, Richard, was able to provide financial support for our nurses through his civil claim…

My father in law, Richard Mortimer, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2016. He worked as a heating and ventilation engineer for the same company for his entire working life. When he was diagnosed, we were all taken aback. As a family, we are all too aware of the damage asbestos can cause, but to be honest, none of us had really heard too much of mesothelioma and as such had never heard of Mesothelioma UK.

Hannah Ball., Clinical Nurse Specialist for Oxfordshire

Our first dealing with Mesothelioma UK was in the form of the Clinical Nurse Specialist for Oxfordshire, Hannah Ball. Hannah has been the ‘go to’ lady for so many questions that we have all had. She is simply the central cog in the treatment and care that Richard is receiving. It is not overstating it by saying she has had a massively important role in Richard’s life since diagnosis.

I was lucky enough to meet Hannah for the first time at the Patient and Carer Day in October. It was so nice to put a face to the name. At this conference I learnt how Mesothelioma UK funds the CNSs up and down the country and their desire to increase the number of CNSs.

It was also on this day that I met Alida Coates from Irwin Mitchell, Richard’s solicitor in his compensation claim. Alida is on the board of Trustees of Mesothelioma UK. Richard had spoken very fondly of Alida and had been very impressed since their very first meeting. He feels that he fell on his feet when Alida was put in charge of his case.

On meeting Alida, I could see that his good impressions were not misplaced. At the Patient and Carer Day, there was a very interesting talk given by Alida about many aspects of the legal process, but there was one thing that resonated with Richard and that was the subject of donating an amount of money from a successful legal challenge to Mesothelioma UK and the prospect of leaving a legacy.

The hard work that Alida and her team at Irwin Mitchell, with the support of Harry Steinberg QC, put in to Richard’s claim meant that he was successful in being awarded damages due to the negligence of the company he worked for.

Richard has decided that he wants to donate some of the damages to Mesothelioma UK, to say thank you for all of the work they have done, but especially to Hannah, who has been simply amazing. If his donation is able to help fund Hannah and the CNSs for a while, then he is very happy to do this.

Richard is undergoing treatment at The Royal Marsden at the moment as part of the Keytruda Immunotherapy trial. At the Patient and Carer Day, we were also lucky enough to meet the amazing Mavis Nye. Just one more thing that Mesothelioma UK have done for us, they gave us an opportunity to meet other mesothelioma patients and to talk. Something so simple, yet strangely comforting.

As a family, we all just want to thank Mesothelioma UK for all that you do.

If you’re inspired by Jon’s story about Richard and would be interested in supporting Mesothelioma UK nurses through your civil claim, please speak to your solicitor or contact us on 0800 163 2409 or email

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