Staff at air sampling manufacturer learn how their products help in the fight against mesothelioma

Recently, Mesothelioma UK CEO Liz Darlison, visited SKC Ltd, specialists in air sampling equipment including asbestos sampling and monitoring products.

SKC products are used to measure asbestos during the removal process and Liz talked to staff members about mesothelioma and how it is caused by asbestos.

A spokesperson for SKC Ltd said: “SKC is pleased to support Mesothelioma UK and we were delighted that Liz came along to talk to all our employees so that they would gain a greater appreciation of the consequences of exposure to asbestos, where we as a company fits in, and ‘why we do what we do’.

“We are aware how SKC and mesothelioma are at opposite ends of the asbestos situation and are proud that our equipment is able to help reduce the number of people in the future, that are so badly affected that they need the help of Liz and her team across the country.”

New Clinical Nurse Specialist appointed to support patients in Essex

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Donation received from RS Oncology

RS Oncology, a clinical stage biotechnology company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the US, donated to Mesothelioma UK to support the charity’s Clinical Nurse Specialist team. Liz Darlison, CEO of Mesothelioma UK added: “Our network of over 30 Clinical Nurse...