Share your healthcare experiences By Dr Lynn Furber, founder of Healthcare Communication Matters

Have you had a care experience which you think other patients or healthcare professionals could learn from?

Healthcare Communication Matters is looking for patients and their families to share stories of how healthcare professionals communicated with them and how information was given to them.

Whether positive or negative, sharing your experience can help improve services and influence decisions. Think about a time when a healthcare professional communicated with you and shared information:
• What happened?
• How did it make you feel?
• What impact did it have on you and your family?

At Healthcare Communication Matters we use these stories to educate healthcare professionals on the importance of enhancing their communication skills and to emphasise the impact we can have when we get it wrong.

The stories are also shared with other patients via our blog to help inform them and, hopefully, give them some tools to have a better experience.

You can share your story via a simple form on the Healthcare Communication Matters website.

Please leave out any names which might identify someone. Your identity will also be removed from any stories or materials we produce.
Patient stories are too important not to tell so we hope you will share yours with us.

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