RADIO-Meso study published in British Medical Journal

Mesothelioma UK funded a team of researchers at the University of Sheffield to carry out a study into the best ways to communicate a mesothelioma diagnosis to patients and families. The results of this study have just been published in the prestigious, peer-reviewed British Medical Journal.

The result of the study is a unique insight into the diagnostic experience of patients, family carers and health professionals. Key findings include the importance of regarding diagnosis as a process, and provision of continuity and consistency. Factors such as honesty and timeliness, a patient-centred approach, and partnership working were all identified as important in the diagnosis process.

The findings were used to produce a set of recommendations that can be used by health professionals to improve the way a mesothelioma diagnosis is given. The recommendations have been published as a patient leaflet which has been presented at several conferences and meetings as an example of best practice.