Non-invasive diagnosis study

Last year Pat Stone Meso Support and Mesothelioma UK awarded a grant to a study which aimed to reduce the need for diagnostic surgery.

The grant, for £21,795, was awarded to Amy Kerr, Senior thoracic surgery research nurse at the Medical Innovation Development Research Unit (MIDRU) at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham. The study looked into non-invasive diagnosis of mesothelioma using structured light plethysmography (SLP).

SLP is a new diagnosis method which measures chest wall motion which can highlight differences according to the disease which is causing abnormalities on chest X rays or CT scans.

Integrating SLP into future clinical practice to diagnose mesothelioma could improve the diagnostic process for patients with possible mesothelioma and reduce the need for hospital admission for invasive investigations.

It could reduce the length of time patients have to wait for a diagnosis and it offers patients, who are not well enough to have surgery, a more confident diagnosis for their pleural disease which could help provide evidence for compensation claims.

The study recruited 75 patients and all patients have undergone their planned surgical procedure. Patients were positive about contributing towards research and the recruitment rate was very high. There have been no adverse events related to the study.

A small number of patients are still to complete follow-up but provisional results have been submitted for presentation at the World Conference on Lung Cancer in Toronto, Canada in September 2018.

Amy and the research team are looking forward to being able to present the full results and submit them for publication to share the findings with clinicians and the public.