New research sheds light on patients’ and carers’ experiences of living with mesothelioma

New research published in the European Journal of Oncology Nursing has reviewed 25 studies to learn more about patients’ and carers’ experiences of living with mesothelioma. The research was conducted by academics from the University of Sheffield’s Division of Nursing and Midwifery in the Health Sciences School, including Drs Stephanie Ejegi-Memeh, Virginia Sherborne, Madeleine Harrison, Bethany Taylor and Michaela Senek, with Professors Angela Tod and Clare Gardiner.

The study revealed that treatment options for mesothelioma remain limited, while patients experience a high level of physical and psychological burden, and carers experience high levels of depression and trauma.

To address these and other issues, the study’s authors have recommended conducting further research into a number of areas. They include learning how interventions that focus on nutrition, exercise and mental health may be beneficial for patients and carers living with mesothelioma, evaluating interventions that can alleviate physical and psychological symptoms of mesothelioma, and looking into the psychological experience of the carer, among other recommendations.

The authors concluded that improving the patient and carer experience of living with mesothelioma is the best way to improve patient outcomes. To this end, healthcare professionals who are compassionate, honest and supportive can positively influence the experience of patients and carers living with mesothelioma by providing them with good information. There is potential to continue developing training, and organising systems which can provide benefits to patients and their carers.

You can read the details of the study here.

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