New Chair of the Board for Mesothelioma UK

Asbestos-related cancer charity appoints Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Nick Maskell from University of Bristol

National asbestos-related cancer charity, Mesothelioma UK has appointed Professor Nick Maskell as its new Chair of the Board of Trustees. Professor Maskell is already a Trustee for the charity and will take up the role of Chair after Professor Mick Peake OBE stepped down.

Nick Maskell is a Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Bristol (UoB) and Honorary Consultant Chest Physician at North Bristol NHS Trust. He was appointed as a consultant in 2004 and leads the pleural service at Southmead Hospital as well as being the Head of Academic Respiratory Unit at UoB.

Mesothelioma is a cancer related to exposure to asbestos and predominantly affects the lining of the lungs. The UK has the highest incidence of the disease in the world with around 2,700 people diagnosed each year. Mesothelioma UK offers information, support, research, and a team of specialist nurses based at NHS Trusts around the country.

Commenting on his appointment as Chair, Nick said: “Mesothelioma UK is a fantastic charity which undertakes vital work in supporting patients with mesothelioma and their carers. The charity has big ambitions and I am delighted to be part of the next stage of its journey.”

Nick has a major interest in mesothelioma, running a tertiary mesothelioma clinic and chairing the weekly regional mesothelioma multi-disciplinary team. He chaired the current British Thoracic Society (BTS) mesothelioma guideline group and was on the committee for the European Respiratory Society (ERS) mesothelioma guidelines. He is also a co-chair of the forthcoming BTS pleural disease guidelines (2021) and is an adviser to the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) on pleural safety matters related to pleural interventions.

He has been the senior author in large published randomised controlled trials in mesothelioma that have led to changes in practice. He also is a co-founder of the Avon Mesothelioma Foundation (AMF), a local charity supporting mesothelioma research and patient care.

Mesothelioma UK Head of Services, Liz Darlison added: “We’re beyond grateful to Professor Mick Peake for leading our Board of Trustees for so many years; he has shaped Mesothelioma UK into the charity it is today and leaves behind a cohesive, friendly and productive Board of Trustees.

“Of course, we are all delighted that Professor Maskell is picking up the reigns to become our Chair of the Board of Trustees. He not only has a wealth of experience in mesothelioma treatment and care, but also a genuine passion for improving the lives of people living with the disease. We’re confident that, together with the rest of the Board, he will help Mesothelioma UK continue to drive improvements in treatment and care, and address the needs of patients and families affected by mesothelioma.”

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