New artificial intelligence technology to measure mesothelioma tumours

Dr. Kevin Blythe, of the University of Glasgow, is working with a medical technology firm in Edinburgh on a project that aims to develop innovative ways of tackling mesothelioma.

The imaging specialists, Canon Medical Research Europe, has been awarded £140,000 funding to work with mesothelioma specialists at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to develop a prototype which will focus on the assessment and measurement of tumours, which can be difficult in the case of mesothelioma due to the unusual shape of the tumours.

The project aims to develop technology that rapidly and accurately measures the size of mesothelioma tumours and will use data gathered from previous studies to train computers to identify areas of images that contain tumours. The technology could save time and money in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Mesothelioma UK CEO receives honorary membership to LCNUK

At its 2023 annual conference in May, Lung Cancer Nursing UK welcomed Mesothelioma UK’s CEO, Liz Darlison as its third honorary member. Lung Cancer Nursing UK had around 300 members and exists to provide a network and support to lung cancer nurses through clinical,...