My Mesothelioma Care Passport

The planned care that you receive following a diagnosis can mean that there’s a lot of information, dates, medical information and contact details to remember. We’ve recently developed a pilot project – My Mesothelioma Care Passport – to help with this.  It’s a pack designed to help patients stay up-to-date with the planned care that they have discussed and agreed with their healthcare professionals.

The passport is a concise record of your care to date, helping you to understand and discuss it with anyone you choose. It can be used to store contact details, appointment times/dates, x-ray and scan reports, clinical letters, prescriptions and anything else related to your care.

The passports are available from healthcare professionals and can also be downloaded from our website here. There’s also a feedback form on the website for patients to let us know what they think of the passport so that we can make improvements where necessary.

Click to download Meso UK Care Passport PDF