MesoTrap clinical trial update

MesoTRAP is a pilot clinical trial and feasibility study looking at symptom management for patients with trapped lung to determine the best treatment for patients with mesothelioma and pleural effusion.

It compares video-assisted surgery (thoracoscopic partial pleurectomy/decortication) with indwelling pleural catheter (IPC) in patients with trapped lung. There is also an observational only sub-study which collects routine data only on patients who are not eligible for the main study.The study requires more participants and is extending the recruitment to December 2019 to gather as much data as possible.

Healthcare professionals are encouraged to inform any patient with trapped lung about the observational study if they are not eligible for the main study.

Centres open to recruitment are Blackpool, Cambridge, Derby, Golden Jubilee Glasgow, Leicester, Norfolk and Norwich, North Bristol, North Midlands, Nottingham, Oxford, Papworth, Peterborough, Preston, Sheffield, St Bartholemew’s London, Wythenshawe and Pennine.

Trial details are in the clinical trials table and further information is available by emailing