Mesothelioma UK webinars launched

The first in a regular monthly series of Mesothelioma Matters webinars took place in November when Mesothelioma UK hosted expert speakers discussing ‘Nano Tubes, Gold and Mesothelioma’.

Researchers from Cambridge and Leeds universities have developed gold nanotubes with physical properties they describe as ‘tunable’. This means that they can tailor the wall thickness, microstructure, composition and ability to absorb particular wavelengths of light.

The study, published in the Small journal, has suggested that once inside the cancer cells, the nanotubes – tiny hollow cylinders one thousandth of the width of a human hair – absorb light, causing them to heat up and thereby killing the mesothelioma cells.

At our Zoom webinar on 30 November, Stephen Evans, Professor of Molecular and Nanoscale Physics, University of Leeds and Stefan Marciniak, Professor of Respiratory Science at the University of Cambridge and Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician at Addenbrooke’s and Papworth Hospitals joined Mesothelioma UK Head of Services, Liz Darlison to share insight into this new breakthrough. You can watch the webinar on our YouTube page.

The webinars are free and open to anyone to attend. You can find more details of our monthly webinars at

January 07, 2021

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