Mesothelioma CEO invited to join iMig board

Mesothelioma UK CEO and Nurse Consultant at University Hospitals Leicester, Liz Darlison is honoured to have been selected to join the International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMig) Board.

Liz is the first nurse to be appointed to the board and joins 16 other mesothelioma experts from around the world to be a part of the organisation which hosts the renowned iMig conference.

iMig is an independent international group of scientists and clinicians working to understand, cure and prevent mesothelioma.

Liz Darlison said: “I have enjoyed and benefited from my iMig membership for many years. I feel honoured to join the board and will do all I can to enhance iMig’s activities and reach.”

The aims of iMig are:

  • To hold an international mesothelioma conference on alternate years, alternating between Europe and USA, generally as a satellite to either the respiratory or cancer research meetings on either continent.
  • To improve collaboration by generating a list of available resources such as cell lines, monoclonal antibodies, probes etc. as well as making available a list of current research projects and other laboratory techniques that might facilitate collaboration.
  • To produce a newsletter for members on a regular basis.
  • To foster international interest groups to address specific issues of importance, e.g. early diagnosis, thoracoscopy, comparison of national mesothelioma registers etc.
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