Meet the team – Roland Ungoed-Thomas

In the second of our interviews with Mesothelioma UK staff, we catch up with Roland, the most recent addition to the operations team. Joining us in the newly created role of Creative Designer, he’s already making our information and promotional materials more visually engaging and impactful. Read on to find out more about his experience and why he wanted to work for us.

“I started thinking about working for the charity sector after the pandemic made me take a step back and reassess my career. When I saw the Creative Designer opportunity advertised at Mesothelioma UK, I immediately knew it was a role I wanted to apply for.

“I was already familiar with asbestos after working as an in-house designer for an asbestos safety company. Sadly, I also had personal knowledge of mesothelioma through a family friend who had died from it. I knew that not everyone knows the risks associated with asbestos, so I was keen to be able to use my skills to help raise awareness.”

“[Design] should be all about engaging communication which is, above all else, clear.”

“When design is done well, it can transform dense and overwhelming text into information that can be much more easily absorbed. It’s often thought that art and design are interchangeable, but they’re opposite in some ways. With art interpretation is in the eye of the beholder – but if the viewer has to do all the work with design, then that’s bad design. It should be all about engaging communication which is, above all else, clear.

“It was apparent after my first interview with Mesothelioma UK that they’re a friendly, professional and dedicated group of people that I would feel very comfortable working with, and so it has proved to be. I am looking forward to continuing to get to know the charity and contributing to the work it does.”