Lucion Services announces 10th anniversary of Asbestos Management Conference

For the past decade, market leader in asbestos inspection, testing and consultancy, Lucion Services, has hosted the UK’s largest asbestos management conference. Each year, the conference brings together industry leaders in all sectors to share best practices when managing their asbestos risks, and promote the use of preventative controls to protect individuals and environments.

This year, the Asbestos The Truth conference will be returning on 14 May 2020, hosted by the University of London at its world-renowned events venue, Senate House.

To mark the 10th anniversary of the conference, Lucion reflected on feedback from delegates over the past 10 years. This year, the organisation will be moving away from telling delegates why they should manage asbestos risks, and instead, the focus will be on a step by step walk-through of how to effectively manage the risks from start to finish.

The conference will be digging deep into the detail, inviting speakers from both Mesothelioma UK and Lucion Services to talk about how best practices and effective training is essential
to preventing further exposures. Lucion will be highlighting case studies of its top clients who have changed their hazards from red to green, and continue to hit the mark when it comes to managing risks and protecting individuals from asbestos exposures.

Lucion will be taking delegates through the options of how to manage their asbestos risks, assessing options of managing asbestos in-situ and removal, highlighting the importance of proactively managing asbestos risks and achieving compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR) 2012.

Asbestos exposures are preventable when the correct course of management action is taken. The costs of getting asbestos management wrong can be substantial and pose unnecessary, avoidable risks to building occupants and those involved in any site works.

Meso UK will be working closely with Lucion in the months leading up to the conference on promoting awareness of the dangers of asbestos exposures to industry professionals across multiple sectors.

To buy tickets to the conference, please visit here.