Expressions of interest invited from Trusts in the North East

Mesothelioma UK is inviting Expressions of Interest from NHS Trusts, in the Northern Cancer Alliance region, to host a mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialist (MCNS).

Increasing the MCNS workforce in the region with an additional Band 7 CNS working 15 hours a week would strengthen the mesothelioma service considerably.  Ideally the opportunity to host the post would be offered to Trusts outside that of the existing MCNS, resulting in two key Trusts for mesothelioma in the Northern Cancer Alliance region.  The perceived benefits of increasing the MCNS workforce include:

  • Engaging a second Trust in driving up standards in mesothelioma
  • Contribute to attendance and development of support groups in region
  • Contribute to development and running of regional MDT
  • Contribute to development/delivery of education across region
  • Raise awareness of clinical trials
  • Promote clinical trial activity in other Trusts
  • Contribute to fundraising activities

This increased activity will hopefully lead to an increase in the number of patients being signposted/referred to support groups, to MCNS for expert information and guidance and ensure more patients are given equal access to treatments and trials.

Applications should be submitted by 14 February, 2020.