Alert for Sea King military helicopter engineers

Mesothelioma UK welcomes the MOD’s transparency regarding potential asbestos exposure connected to Sea King Helicopters. Mesothelioma is a public health disaster and any steps toward awareness are to be applauded.

If anyone is concerned or would like to find out more about mesothelioma please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 169 2409 or and one of our team of expert nurses will gladly reassure and advise you. You can also visit our website for general information.

The UK has the highest incidence of asbestos disease in the world which directly correlates to our consumption of asbestos and our armed forces personnel are affected as are many professions. Currently 2,700 people are diagnosed each year with mesothelioma and figures suggest at least 100 of these people develop this cancer due to exposure while in service in the armed forces.

Mesothelioma UK is conducting research into the impact of mesothelioma across all armed forces and developing a range of specialist armed forces support and information. We have been working closely with many armed forces groups and representatives who have been welcoming, extremely receptive and supportive.

In addition to the information on our website have a very active Facebook page which is regularly updated with news and information.

If you would like to connect with others who may have had similar experiences, we also have a private Armed Forces Facebook group which veterans and armed forces personnel can join if they have been affected by mesothelioma.

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