Grow a Mo

Grow a Mo

Join our annual Grow a Mo for Meso this November and raise awareness of mesothelioma. 

For those whose upper lip is challenged, or you work with face masks and have to be clean shaven you too can be involved, just draw it, cut it, dress it, wear it, upload it!  

A Mo isn’t for life and you will be doing something good, you will be Making Mesothelioma Matter. Don’t forget to upload your photos to social with #growamoformeso so we can see your progress!

Sign up Now!  

If you would like to speak to the fundraising team, please call 0800 169 2409 and select option 2. 

We found out that voluntary donations were a large part of [Mesothelioma UK’s] income, so we both decided to take part in Movember to raise money for the excellent advice and support they have been providing.