Starting in November 2020, we will be hosting monthly webinars covering a range of topics, with different experts sharing their knowledge. We will be discussing subjects including mesothelioma surgery, multidisciplinary teams, chemo-immunotherapy, peritoneal mesothelioma, heterogeniety, research priorities and much more.

30 November 2020 – Nanotubes, Gold and Mesothelioma
An insight into a breakthrough study which looks at the potential of gold nanotubes – tiny hollow cylinders one thousandth of the width of a human hair – to be placed inside cancer cells, causing them to heat up and thereby kill the mesothelioma cells.
Experts: Stefan Marciniak, Professor of Respiratory Science Cambridge, Honorary Consultant Respiratory Physician at Addenbrookes and Papworth and Stephen Evans, Professor of Molecular and Nanoscale Physics.

25 January 2021 – Mesothelioma Surgery in the UK post MARS2 recruitment
Expert: Dr John Edwards, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon with major interest in mesothelioma research
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22 February 2021 – Establishing a Mesothelioma MDT
Experts: Dr Paul Beckett, Respiratory Physician Clinical Lead for National Lung Cancer Audit and Dr Kevin Blyth, Professor of Respiratory Medicine – University of Glasgow and Pleural Diseases Lead at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital Glasgow.

29 March 2021 – Chemo-Immunotherapy in Mesothelioma
Expert: Anna Novak, Professor of Medicine, University of Western Australia, Director, Australian National Centre for Asbestos

26 April 2021 – The UK Peritoneal Mesothelioma MDT
Experts: Faheez Mohamef, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon at Basingstoke with particular interest in research into peritoneal surface malignancy and Samantha Westbrook, Mesothelioma UK Peritoneal Specialist Nurse