Update on the Mesothelioma Research Network

The British Lung Foundation’s (BLF) Mesothelioma Research Network (MRN) is going from strength to strength. The network allows researchers to share ideas, knowledge and resources, as well as support each other. This means better results, faster.

We hope that it’ll also mean the network’s great ideas can be sooner translated into new ways of diagnosing and treating people with mesothelioma.

The network already stands at more than 140 members, who are kept up to date with monthly reports on who else joins. This means members can quickly and easily identify other researchers to work with.

The last survey showed MRN members had contacted each other to share expertise, data sets or cell models. This shows how the MRN is supporting new research collaborations.

In June the BLF held its annual meeting for MRN members to come together and hear the latest research updates and network with each other.
Researchers and health care professionals interested in joining the MRN can find out more and express interest at www.blf.org.uk/mrn

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