Public Advisory Board

Meet our:

Public Advisory Board

The Public Advisory Board is the voice of the mesothelioma community. It is a bridge between the charity and patients. It makes recommendations and drives the agenda regarding research, awareness, information and patient support.   

The advisory board members come from all areas of the mesothelioma community: patients, family members, carers, healthcare professionals and related non-profit organisations.  

There are sub-committees focused on individual areas of the charities work known as the four pillars. The pillars are: Patient Support, Information, Awareness and Research and Audit.  

The main board meets quarterly with a mix of online and in-person meetings (when safe to do so).  Our current advisory board members are:

  • Dr Jeremy Steele
  • Simon Clark
  • Maureen Cook
  • Lorraine Creech
  • Faye Forde
  • Julie Morton
  • Mavis Nye
  • Ray Nye
  • Lynne Squibb
  • David Staley
  • Joanne Tatam
  • Dr John Edwards
  • Ana Fuller 
  • Ravi Ruparelia
  • Tracey Wood
  • Claire Davidson
  • Carrie Twist

If you would like to enquire about joining the Public Advisory Board, please call 0800 169 2409 or email