Preserving Your Legacy

Take the first step towards preserving your legacy

Mesothelioma UK has partnered with Keylu to offer you a special discount when you set up an account.

Keylu is an online platform that helps you to capture and securely store everything that is important in your life. Whether you need some help in removing the chaos of managing your digital footprint (personal, legal, or financial documents), or want to ensure that your precious memories and moments are never lost. By creating a Keylu account, not only will you make your online life much easier, you will make a huge difference to the lives of your loved ones, who can access the information when they need to.

You can read more about Keylu membership by downloading this information leaflet or watching this video.

If you are a mesothelioma patient, you can request a free membership by ringing the support line team on 0800 169 2409. If you are a carer or family member of someone with mesothelioma, visit the Keylu website and enter the code MESKTJDXLPZ to join with your exclusive membership discount.