Patient Stories

Here mesothelioma patients and their families tell their stories, helping raise awareness and inspire others. If you’d like to share your experience and make a difference to people affected by mesothelioma please contact

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Rosemary Wallis
Rosemary Wallis

 ‘The Lady Who Knits for England’ Rosemary Wallis died of mesothelioma in April 2013, six months after diagnosis, aged 67. It is likely that she was...

Patient story – Simon Lawrence

Simon Lawrence, 60, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in March 2017 and given just three weeks to live. Three years later, he is still here and...

Bernice Scullion
Bernice Scullion

Very sadly, Bernice passed away on 3rd June, 2020. She will be deeply missed by her husband Kevin and her family. May 2018 Bernice Scullion is 46...

Chris Willis
Chris Willis

Sadly, Chris died in 2022. This is his story, based on a speech he gave at the Patient and Carer Day in October 2019.   Chris Willis Chris is a...

David and Jane Nurse
David and Jane Nurse

David was diagnosed with mesothelioma in November 2018. Following surgery, he now has scans every three months. David wanted to share his story to...

Richard Powell
Richard Powell

Richard, 62, was diagnosed with mesothelioma in April 2018. He has had no treatment since August 2018 and is determined to ‘live with cancer, not...

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Patient Blogs

David Staley was diagnosed in October 2015, three weeks before his 40th birthday. Having never knowingly worked with asbestos, the diagnosis was a complete bombshell.

Three weeks after diagnosis, David had his left lung removed before starting four months of chemotherapy in January 2016. He’s now back at work full time, trying to lead a ‘normal’ life with his wife Alison and children Joshua & Erin.

David is extremely grateful for the support from family, friends, doctors, nurses etc and believes that he wouldn’t be where he is today without it.


Dr. Mags Portman 
began writing her blog in January 2017 after being diagnosed with mesothelioma, aged 42. Mags is a Consultant at Mortimer Market Centre in London, which is part of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.

Tragically, Mags Portman died in February 2019. Mags was a true inspiration, committed to research and finding better treatments even if, as she herself said, she wouldn’t be able to ‘ride the crest of the wave.’ Our sincere condolences go to Mags’ family.


Mavis Nye
 was diagnosed with mesothelioma when she was exposed to asbestos from her husband’s work clothes decades ago. However, since the diagnosis Mavis has certainly been busy having set up two websites, written a book about the day to day life of dealing with mesothelioma and becoming an active part of Meso Warriors. Mavis was awarded with the IATP 2013 Award for her work in raising asbestos awareness around the world.


Caleb Saunderson
, 46, was diagnosed with both pleural and peritoneal mesothelioma in 2017.  After a course of chemotherapy, Caleb’s cancer was stable for four years. He wrote about living a ‘new kind of normal’ with his family. Sadly, Caleb died in 2021 and the final posts in his blog come from his wife, Cate.

Disclaimer: These stories are based on personal experience and do not constitute medical advice. We recommend you speak to your healthcare team or phone our support line if you have any questions relating to your care or treatment.

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