National Mesothelioma Audit Tender

2021 call for


Mesothelioma UK is delighted to advertise an invitation to tender for the National Mesothelioma Audit (NMA). The charity wishes to enhance and expand the current remit of the NMA and is inviting proposals from teams who can provide a robust audit service.

The NMA has previously been delivered by the Royal College of Physicians which has produced three full audits and one spotlight audit. These can be viewed here.

The successful applicant will have documented experience of working with the relevant data sources and will understand the need for robust governance when handling health data.

The final report should make reference to currently available clinical guidelines on the management of mesothelioma including the following:

BTS Guidelines

NHS England Quality Dashboard

Scottish Quality Performance Indicators

Details of timelines, requirements, skills and experience, and evaluation criteria can be found here.

Please email your application to no later than 25th June 2021.