Mesothelioma UK Research Fund


Help Mesothelioma UK reach £1 million for research

Mesothelioma UK is dedicated to making mesothelioma history, this can only be achieved through world class research and clinical trials.

Generating evidence to increase our understanding of how mesothelioma establishes itself and grows and to develop better treatments is vital if we are going to make mesothelioma history.

The charity is ambitious to significantly increase the amount of money it has available for research; our vision is to have in excess of £1,000,000 available each year.

So, we have created the Mesothelioma UK Research Fund and are promoting it with the hashtag and slogan #ResearchChangesLives.

Funding to support the cost of research is essential but in addition to this we have found that making sure patients, their families and health care professionals in every corner of the NHS are aware of research opportunities, is also vital.

Central to ensuring this equitable access to research and clinical trials are the charity’s team of expert Mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialists. Each has a local, regional and national responsibility to establish their role as a beacon for all things related to mesothelioma.

The nurses specifically ensure they are knowledgeable about mesothelioma research, clinical trials and treatment opportunities across the UK. The nurses prioritise providing information to colleagues, patients and their families about the latest advances and available treatment opportunities.

The charity is working toward having a team of 30 Mesothelioma Clinical Nurse Specialists placed strategically across the UK within NHS hospitals.

Host for Meso UK Research Centre

We’re launching a tender process for universities to form a strategic alliance with Mesothelioma UK to establish a Research Centre. UK university Schools of Midwifery and Nursing are invited to participate in the tender process with a view to announcing a new Centre in April 2020. The contract is to the value of £450,000 over…