Fundraising: Hold an Event

You may want to hold your own event, like a cake sale, tombola stall, coffee morning or a quiz night. Maybe even a summer or winter ball!

It doesn't matter how big or small the event is, everything helps to raise awareness about mesothelioma and supporting Mesothelioma UK.

If you are taking part in any type of event you can set up your own fundraising page which will help to raise your profile, you can tell your story and why you want to personally fundraise for Mesothelioma UK.

Just click on the Just Giving or Virgin Money Giving link and start fundraising today.

When raising money for a charity event, always try to be honest with your sponsors about the reasons why you want to raise money for Mesothelioma UK. Give them some background information, tell them about the charity and it's services and why it is important to you, being more personal may make them more likely to sponsor you.

Here's a handy guide on how to plan an event.

Fundraising is about having fun and raising money and whilst doing that being safe and within the law. Mesothelioma UK does not want you to accidentally break any laws so if you decide to hold a fundraising event you must always consider health and safety and any legal requirements when doing any fundraising activity.

Please contact your local authority and ask for their advice and visit the Health and Safety Executive who will provide advice on keeping safe and legal. Visit the Institute of Fundraising at which features information on the best ways to fundraise.

Fundraising & COVID-19

To all of our amazing supporters and fundraisers, we are going to still need your help.

Fundraising through events, social gatherings, bake sales, runs and much more, is the lifeblood of Mesothelioma UK, however the health and safety of mesothelioma patients and their families has to come first.

We therefore do not advise that patients or people in close contact with patients participate in any social gatherings at the moment, including hosting fundraising events at their home, attending local community fundraisers or participating or spectating at larger events such as marathons or runs.

Many of the challenge events that our fundraisers participate in will be postponed and if or when that happens, please reach out to us to speak about the details of any deferred places and other details. We will share updates as and when we get them.

We share everyone’s disappointment, we know you’ve worked hard to train for that run, or organise that pub quiz but now more than ever we need to place health and safety at the forefront of our minds.

Social media, email and websites are going to be invaluable for people to keep informed and feel connected. Please ensure you are on the Mesothelioma UK communication list and also consider following us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter joining one of our Facebook groups.  If you are unsure how to connect using social media please contact us and we will do our best to talk you through what is needed.

If you would like to help keep our community connected and perhaps continue to support Mesothelioma UK, our fundraising team are going to be preparing materials and ideas, that can be done within the home and whilst adhering to social isolation advice.

Here are some to get us started:-

Why not host a virtual bake off from your kitchen using Facebook live and make it a fundraiser?

Or for those of you that have trained for that run, post your running shoes or your route map and we will help you create virtual cheer stations as you reach your next 5k!

If you have ideas for novel ways of fundraising or completing a challenge please let us know and we will share as widely as we can.

Any donations you make will help ensure we can continue to provide a valuable service for patients, family and friends. Make donations here.

Please stay well and safe, look after one another and remember we are here if you need us.