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What is the Power of your Pledge?

A gift left in your will can make a huge difference to our work.

You can support long-term research projects that lead to new treatments or fund more specialist nurses to help cover more of the country.

By pledging to help Mesothelioma UK through a gift in your will, you are helping to create a future that is better for anyone with mesothelioma

This booklet explains the key issues you should consider when drawing up a Will.

Free Will Writing Service

Mesothelioma UK is working with a firm of solicitors to offer a free will-writing service.

There is no obligation to leave a gift to charity, but we're asking people to make a pledge to leave a gift in their will to Mesothelioma UK.

If you would like a will professionally prepared by a lawyer, please fill in the form below and our solicitors will contact you.

David and Jane Nurse
Mesothelioma patient David Nurse, and his wife Jane, talk about their journey and why they have decided to leave us a gift in their will. Legacies make a huge difference to charities like us and we can make it easy to arrange with a free will-writing service.
Liam Bradley
Mesothelioma patient Liam Bradley talks about his experience and why he has decided to leave a gift for us in his will.
Your legacy could help us help others with mesothelioma.
Our head of nursing, Lorraine Creech, explains how leaving a gift to Mesothelioma UK in your will could help others with this asbestos cancer.
Tim Stokes
Tim talks about why faith, hope and charity are so important in his life and why he wants you to pledge to leave to leave a gift to Mesothelioma UK in your will.
David Staley
David Staley was diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2015. He had radical surgery to remove one of his lungs and chemotherapy. Now, he has regular scans but is doing well and keeping positive and active. In this video he explains why he has chosen to leave a gift in his will to Mesothelioma UK.