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We are very grateful for all donations and funding.

Acknowledgements For All Fundraisers and Events

Running Events:

Sue Ball - Race for Life £555.00
David Barton -Taylor - Cambridge Half Marathon in March 14 and the Great North Run in Sept 14 in memory of Wendy Rule his wife's lovely nan donations presently are £805.00
Lucie Barnes - Team Six Legs, Three Barnes and No Clue Liverpool Spring 10km £1,061.74
Michelle Bates - Cardiff Half Marathon in October £356.25
Adam & Jaqui Battersby - Lincoln 10km Run £560.00
Natalie & Michael Benson - Two Castles 10km Run June 2015 as a tribute to Uncle Rodger £125.00
Team Blackaller & McCammon London to Brighton Challenge 100km walk £2,426.25
Marie Bloss - 10 mile Annual Charity Walk - 1st year anniversary of R J Hill £65.00
Bolden School Team Neon - Sunderland 5k Run for 11-18 year old's who raised a wonderful £946.25
Katie Boodell and her friends Amy, Sarah, Natalie, Kirstie, Lara and Kate - Oxford Run or Dye in memory of her Granddad £326.25
Samuel Bolton - Viatlity Reading Half Marathon £761.41
Mark Bousfield -' Bousa's Batman Blaydon Race £1,009.25
Boyes Turner Trekkers (Annabelle, Rob, Frances, Mel, Dennisha, Fiona, Jennifer, Virginia, Niamh, Zarqa, & Gurminder)- Thames Path Challenge £3,908.65
Chris Brennan - Wilmslow Half Marathon in March in support of his Father £855.00
Carla Brown - Hackney Half Marathon in June £233.75
Sam & Tomas Brown - Derby Ramathon (13.1 miles) June 2015 £1,246.83
Kay Borthwick - Thames Path Challenge £300.00
John Burke - Windsor Half Marathon £442.00
Lauren Campbell - 5k Craufurdland Castle Muddy Run in March in support of her lovely Dad £271.25
Stephanie Canfield - The Brighton Marathon in April in support of Brian Jones a family member £612.50
Laura Cheeseman-Haynes - Hastings Half Marthon in March £100.00
Mark & Teresa Chetwynd - Leith Hill Half Marathon £657.63
Mick Colinese - BUPA Great North Run in tribute to Carole Hagedorn £3,178.19
Lucy Coverdale - Race for Life in support of her lovely Grandad £778.75
Holly Cozens - The Color Run 5k Brighton £251.25
Keith Cruden - Singapore Standard Chartered Marathon - £1,119.88
Charlie Culpan - London Marathon in memory of your dear Dad £850.00
Adam Dannatt - London Marathon £386.25
Laura Davidson - London Marathon in support of her lovely Father £435.00
Karen and daughter Rebecca De Torre - Clumber Park 10k in support of her wonderful Mum £250.00
Chris Dimmcock - Royal Parks Half Marathon in October in memory of his lovely Dad, Alan Dimmcock £722.65
Graham Douglass - London Marathon £443.75
Graham Duerden - Bristol 10k £2,307.50
James Edwards - Running Bootcamp Challenges in tribute to his lovely Dad, James Edsey Edwards £710.00
Carla Fitzgerald - The London Santa Fun Run £343.75
Amy Gallagher - Thames Path Challenge £1,000.01
Melanie Georgiades - BUPA London 10k in support of her Grandfather £322.50
Kate Godier - London Marathon in April in memory of her dear Father £1,557.45
Natalie Green - Thoracic ward at Glenfield Hospital Leicester, Leicester Marathon £438.00
Edward Griffiths Cranleigh Runners - Brighton Marathon in April £515.53
Emilia Hancock - Hackney Half Marathon £426.54
Andrew Hart - London Marathon £1,093.75
Hannah Hayward - Stroud Half Marathon in memory of her dearest Grampy £395.10
John & Marie Hartley - London Marathon in memory of Alan Mitchell £1,084.25
Charlotte Hazeldine - Bath Half Marathon in memory of her lovely Nan Audrie Gunnee £575.63
Sara Heppenstall - Sheffield Half Marathon in April in memory of a dear family friend, Bob Hetherington £662.25
Ashleigh Higgins - Hackney Half Marathon £5.00
Paul Hodgkins - Blackpool Half Marathon in memory of his dear Uncle Mark (Nod) Hodgkins £647.50
Samantha Hollamby - Taunton Half Marathon in April in support of her dear father £350.00
Laura Hollingshead - London Marathon in April £609.75
Paul Holloway ~ BUPA Great Birmingham Run £550.36
Vanessa Holtby - Spartan Sprint Yorkshire £761.25
Jacqueline Homan - Birmingham Half Marathon in October in memory of her wonderful Dad, John Homan £717.50
Olivia Hopkins - British 10km London Run £757.00
Kevin & Adele Horton and Bobbie Jordon - Royal Park's Half Marathon in October £941.25
Ken Howard £637.60
Andrew Jackson - Surrey Half Marathon in March in memory of his Father-in-law £270.04
Emily and Andrew Jackson - Surrey Half Marathon £365.04
Jennifer Jackson - London Marathon in April in memory of her dear Father, Michael Jackson £1,699.55
Stuart Jackson - New Forest Half Marathon Sept 13, Royal Parks Half Marathon Oct 13, Great South Run Oct 13, Brighton Half Marathon April 14 in Memory of his wonderful father-in-law, Joe Walsh £50.00
Julia and Sam Jenkins - The Great Northern 3k Family Run in March in Memory of Sam's best friends Dad, Colin Walker £45.00
Nicola Jobson - Easter Bunny Fun Run £732.02
Katherine, Adrian, Angela, John Laura & Joe - BUPA 10k in memory of their lovely Dad, Ray Buckee £2,013.64
Andrew Kindleysides - the Leeds Abbey Dash in November and the Leeds Half Marathon in May £201.75
Andrew Kindleysides - Leeds Half Marathon £272.50
Jane King - Bath Half Marathon in support of her lovely Dad £1,092.50
David & Alex Larn - Run to the Beat in memory of their Dad, Steve £445.00
Rachel Lewis - The Brighton Marathon in support of her lovely Dad £676.25
Jessica Longley - London Marathon in April in support of her lovely Dad £5,131.56
Emma Malcolm - Brighton Half Marathon 22nd March 2015, Wimbledon Half Marathon 22nd March 2015, Maidenhead 10K Run 3rd April 2015, Frimley 10k Run 3rd May 2015 & BUPA 10K Run 31st May 2015 in support of her dad £666.25
Kate McNamara - London 2 Brighton 100km Challenge £5,823.75
Louisa Mead - Reading Mizuno Half Marathon in March and Fleet Half Marathon in March in Memory of her lovely Dad, David Bevis £787.50
Emma Michaels - Taunton Half Marathon £318.75
Scott Millard - London to Brighton 100km Challenge £651.18
Alastair Murray - The Greater Manchester Marathon in April in memory of his dear Mum £217.50
Gary Nadin - Wilmslow Half Marathon in support of his lovely sister-in-law, Claire Brockman £618.60
Hannah Newbound - Marathon at Local Gym in memory of her dear Granddad, Anthony Chaston £82.00
Novum Law - Graeme Chisholm and his 'Team Make A Difference' Bristol Half Marathon £1,309.92
Hayley Oliver - Colchester Half Marathon £806.46
Michael Parsons - Blackpool Marathon in memory of Graham Ralph £825.00
Hannah Patrick - 'Pretty Muddy Luton' £25.00
Heidi Paulwell - Brighton Marathon £700.12
Laura Phillips - St Ives 10k in memory of her Dad, David Phillips £322.50
Clare Powell - Lichfield Half Marathon £275.00
Nicola Ratcliffe - Fleet Half Marathon in March £744.50
Hannah Reuben - Edinburgh Marathon in May in memory of her Grandpa Bernard £1,461.50
Michelle Roose - Greater Manchester Marathon in April in tribute to her lovely Dad £2,118.50
Helen Rothwell - Bungay Half Marathon £693.75
Charlie Sarell - Derby 10k £320.00
Chris Scopes - Sheffield Half Marathon in April in support of his dear Father £1,173.75
Niamh Sherwood - The Brighton Marathon in April £1,291.25
Niamh Sherwood - The Vitality Reading Half Marathon £557.43
Gerry Slade and Laurence Pengelly - White Horse Half Marathon in April £3,680.43
Alan Smith - Beaverbrooks Blackpool 10km Fun Run £17.50
Alan & Katie Sproul - Lazy-ass Guide to Edinburgh Half Marathon £675.00
Krassi Stoyanova - Great Midland Fun Run in June in memory of her friend Doug Boot £386.75
Alice Stratford - St Albans Half Marathon £1,011.25
Mark Swift - Sheffield Half Marathon in April in memory of dear Grandma, Brenda Ward £878.83
Tanita Taylor - Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon £166.25
Caroline Thackwray - Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon £495.75
Emily and Des Thomas - Shrewsbury Half Marathon in June £551.25
Jude Thompson ~ Great North Run £1,546.62
Jenny Thomson - Bristol Half Marathon £711.25
Kellyanne and Danny Truman - Reebok Spartan Race in memory of their Grandma £863.75
Mark Wain - Beaverbrooks Blackpool 10k Fun Run £12.50
Andrew Walmsley & Peter Walters - Mow Cop Killer Mile Challenge in memory of Andrews lovely Father, Bob Walmsley £652.75
Claire Warrington - Bollington 10k £207.50
Kevin Watkinsand Team - Night Run & Walk, National Trust Longshaw Estate, in support of Linda Lakin £877.50
Cheryl Wright - Team Tonks Various Events £206.25
Deborah Wright - Watford Race for Life £133.75
Vicky Wright - Race for Life in memory of her Dad, Victor £390.00

Walking Events:

Marie Bloss - Tonbridge Lions Club Annual Charity Walk £275.45
Anna & Will Britnell - London to Brighton 100k Walk £500.00
Ian Cookman - Shine Night Walk £109.35
Mr A L Downes - Jackie and Richard Elsom Winter Walk £50.00
Antonia Hopkins - Sponsored Walk from London to Brighton in June £1,105.00
Kate Macnamara - Sponsored Walk London to Brighton 23rd & 24th May 2015,
in memory of Aunt Frances Macnamara £12,988.75
Kate Robertson - Kate's Mad Lands End to John O'Groats in support of her dear friend Ken £1,355.00
Anne Thornton - Moonlit Colourthon Walk £404.00
Angela Tod - Calderdale Way Walk £315.00
Hayley Wright, Gemma, Natalie and Karen Moonlight Colourthon & Quiz Nite £1,190.00
Estelle Wall organised the 'Cuckoostones Challenge Walking in the Peak District and the Manifold Valley' in support of her sister Clare they raised £2,830.75

Cycling Events:

Tim Argyle - and team members, Rich S, Jake, Ben, Rich C, Luke, Nick G, Jodi, Andy, Neil, Jon M, Paul S, Jon S, Paul C, Matt, Jamie, Scott, Dan, Keeley, Clare & Steven H - Skegness Bike Ride in memory of his father, Geoff Argyle £11,338.93
Pete Attewill - 100km Cycle Challenge in memory of his wonderful Dad, Jack £1,260.91
Marie and Hannah Bloss - 27 Mile Bike Ride £84.00
Juliette Church - Classic Oxford Bike Ride £288.75
DHL Heart of the Wolds Sportive Team, Amy Capes, Emily clark, Wade Crusse, Joe Power, Mick Rice, Paul Jackson and John Lough - Heart of the Wolds 100km Cycle Ride £455.00
Margaret Gaunt - London to Paris Bike Ride in June £2,676.25
John Gyte - Sponsored Cycle Ride in Yorkshire Dales in tribute to his dear friend Ian Webb £2,843.75
Lisa Hallam - Leicester to Skegness and back to Leicester cycle ride 176 miles £310.00
Deanna Hodge - London to Brighton Bike Ride in memory of her Father, Bill Fenn £875.00
Simon Hudson Kaeffer C & D Ltd - London to Paris Bike Ride in April £1,561.00
Andrew Jackson - Ride 24 Challenge London 2 Lands End £480.00
Stephen Parsons - Chubby Boys Cycling - Way of the Roses (170 miles Morecombe to Bridlington) £418.75
Stuart & George Saunders - Road Trip from our House to Granddad's House 60ish Miles £478.75
Neil Martin - Wiggle Dragon Ride £25.00
David Wingate - London to Paris Cycle Challenge £2,360.00
Antony Yarrow - Chaity Bike Ride from Scarborough to Doncaster in memory of Dale Yarrow £910.66

Challenge and Adventure Events:

Abbie Atkins & Sara - 'Birthday Sky Dive' £350.00
Praveen Aujla - Dive for Life £340.00
Gemma Chapman - Clarence House Barns Day Nursery Sponsored Obstacle Course £56.00
Richard Cluff - 'Mallorca Ironman Challenge' in memory of Chris Bean £557.68
Claire Constable & Tori Scott - Tandem Parachute Jump in memory of Claire's Lovely Dad, Paul Rolfe £1,772.65
Richard Cooper - Gravesend Triathlon £437.50
Steve Covey - Viking Triathlon Challenge £650.24
Katie Crawford, Elena, Emma And Rebecca - Tough Mudder Challenge in support of Katie's Mum and in memory of Rebecca's Grandpa £1,743.75
Judy Cumberbatch - Judy's Vogalonga Meso UK 30km paddling, rowing through Venice & Burano £459.21
Dean & Tracey Drury & Richard - Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge £423.25
Ben Dudmish - Kilimanjaro Trek, Tanzania in June (13) £593.75
Debi Eastman and her Team - Snowden Trek £162.50
Barry Guest - Snowdonia Zip Wire Challenge in May £926.99
Vince Hagedorn and Louise Rayner - The Great North Hum BM3i3 drive from Lands End to John O Groats £2,712.80
Kate Hudson - Trek to Machu Picchu for her dear mum, Alma Pearson £1,208.00
Gracie & Evie Hughes - Ran 1000km, Ironkids 2015 Staffordshire Challenge £233.25
Christian Hulme - Sky Dive £250.00
Beth Hunter - Tandem Sky Dive in tribute to her lovely Grandad, Keith Sanderson £542.00
Tanif Hussain - 3 Peaks Challenge in memory of her dear Father, David Howson £1,250.52
Elle Howe - Skipton Triathlon in April in memory of her Mums best friend Denise £766.88
Tom & Hat Jardine - 'Skydive for Dad' £4,891.25
Dan Jones - Subway Surfing in China £394.31
Rebecca Jones and colleagues from Novum Law Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge £515.25
Joedy Morgan - Tandem Skydive in memory of her Dad Doug Follington £612.21
Anne Moylan - Abseiling down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth £292.50
Anne Moylan - Sip Wire Challenge £390.00
Daisy Nolan - Sky Dive for her Dad and Nan £106.25
Northern Insulation Contractors - Team Sky Dive - Emma, Zoe, Stuart, Warren, Joe, Jimmy and Wayne £1,368.75
Andrea O'Hagan, Shelagh, Collette, & Team Members - Yorkshire Three Peaks remembering Tommy O'Hagan £1,303.02
Oliver & Co Solicitors Team - Charity of the year - Dodecathlon in June 13 £2,405.00
Pannone - Chartiy Netball Tournament £378.00
Sam Stretton and Andrew Hall - Sams Scream for Mesothelioma £651.25
Simon Parkin - The Huskey Trail Challenge in memory of his dear father, Brian Parkin £2,400.45
Davy Rayner - Climbing Up Mount Snowdon in memory of Margaret Edgington £50.00
Rob Salmon - Snowdon Climb £25.00
Corry Thomas - Tough Mudder South West in memory of his wonderful Grandad, (Gerald) Gerry Stone £344.05
Sonia Weir and Team Train Happy - 7k Military Assault Course £1,087.50
Michelle White - 02 Climb in support of her lovely sister £1,380.00
Dave Whitsey - Virgin Active London Triathlon October, in memory of his lovely Dad, Tony Whitsey £411.25
Nathalie Whybrow - Survival of the Fittest £488.61
Ross Williams - 7 Marathons in 7 Days in Memory of his wonderful Dad £4,983.06
Teresa Williams - Leith Hill Half Marathon £697.63
Richard Wilson - Tandem Parachute Jump in March in memory of his dear father, Douglas Wilson £963.50
Ben Wood - Punishing Events £15.00
Sarah Woods - Great North Swim - The Lake District 12 - 14th June 2015 - for her mum £1,759.50
Hayden Woolhouse - Warrior Adrenalin 10km Obstacle Race £369.75
Cheryl Wright and Suzette Tonks - 'Leicester to Skeggy By Any Means Without A Motor' £4,053.05

Personal Challenges:

Arnold & District Ladies Darts Club - Donations raised at their Annual Charity Night £226.00
Anne Campbell - Forget-Mesothelioma-Not Tattoo in support of her lovely Husband £1,608.50
Gail Chilton - 'Going Sober in October' in memory of her friends Mum Winifred £145.00
Ciaran Collins - Head Shave and Manchester to Blackpool Bike Ride £425.00
Ethan Cowley 3 years old - Garden Obstacle Course in April £45.00
Robyn and Paul Eaton - Sober and Dry January in memory of Robyn's lovely Mum, Elaine Mabbitt £482.51
Debbie and Natalie Firth - Charity Sky Dive in tribute to their lovely Dad £1,032.50
Brendan Gibbons - 'Off With His Dodgy Kiwi Locks' in memory of his Mum £306.25
Lisa and Michael Hodgkinson - Lisa in lieu of Christmas Cards and Michael Not Shaving in November in memory of Lisa's
lovely Dad Geoff Underwood £257.44
Emma Hughes - Ladies Pink Collar Boxing £16.25
Margaret Hughes - Slimming for 6 months £37.50
Kirsty Jackson - Boxing Day Dip 2013 Salturn Beach £490.00
Emma Liney - Giving Up Chocolate for 2 Months in memory of her dear step-grandad, Terry Ivans £25.00
Kayla Villamil Martinez - Going Bold for Cancer £1,082.50
Iain McGhie - The Non-Alcohol 2 month Insanity Challenge in tribute to his wonderful Dad Stuart McGhie £537.50
Mavis Nye - Surviving with Mesothelioma £1,033.18
Adam Probets - Boxing Match and Charity Events in memory of his dear father, Barry Probets £2,061.25
Ben Stafford - Going Bold for Mesothelioma in support of his lovely Father-In-Law £151.25
Shirley Steventon - Darts Tournament in memory of her dear Father, Peter Franklin £115.00
James Toplis - Staffordshire Ironman 70.3 Challenge June 2015, in support of his mum £1,408.80
Hayley Wright - Challenges in July - Colourthon Sponsored Walk - £970.70, Charity Quiz Night - £169.30, The Welcome Club - ~Donation £50.00, Moonlight Colourthon £545.00 Total raised £1,735.00

Bare Face Selfies:

Michelle Davies ~ In Memory of my Mum Dianne who died in 2009 of mesothelioma aged 49. I've done a bare faced selfie on social media in her name £10.00

Ice Bucket Challenge:

Claire Almond-Jones ~ My Ice Bucket Challenge donation in honor of everyone fighting this dreadful disease and to those who sadly lost their fights! One day a cure will be found! £15.00
Amanda Applegate ~ Hallie aged 7 and Madison aged 5 took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge in memory of Uncle Gary who we lost just over a week ago X £6.00
Helen Barton - Donated forTom Westlake in dedication to his Dad who is suffering from Mesothelioma £20.00 Well done Tom! Joanne Bean ~ This terrible disease took my wonderful Dad away from us and we miss him so much... I have been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge, this is my repsonse... Let's kick mesothelioma in the butt!!! £20.00
Tracey Bayliss ~ My Ice Bucket challenge donation in memory of my Dad, John Brunton X £10.00
Bethany Bland - Donations from her and her mummy's Ice Bucket Challenge and for making and selling her Loom Bands in memory of her lovely Grandma £19.21
Alison Brockman ~ A small donation from my Ice Bucket challenge!! £5.00
Donna Carey ~ I am doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for htis charity as my Grandad has recently been diagnosed X £5.00
Kelly Cox ~ For my Ice Bucket Challenge £10.00
Tina Devenish ~ In memory of my Dad who in not here to see the Ice Bucket Challenges £25.00
Leannne Farrington ~ I did my Ice Bucket Challenge so I want to uses this charity as it's close to my heart £10.00
Debra Furmage - Ice Bucket Challenge £5.00
Andrew Kindleysides ~ An additional donation from doing the Ice Bucket Challenge £20.00
Marie Langley ~ donation for the Ice Bucket Challenge £5.00
Sarah Lavine ~ Donation for my Ice Bucket Challenge £20.00
Richard Looney ~ Completed the Ice Bucket Challenge £5.00
Joanna Melanaphy ~ Following the Ice Bucket Challenge I have decide to donate to this charity which is important to my family £10.00
Kate Pantos ~ Donated as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge £25.00
Rachel Port ~ I'm making this donation on behalf of my parents they did the Ice Bucket Challenge and chose to split their donations between 3 charities. My Auntie, who was my Mum's sister died 2 years ago on 1st September of mesothelioma £3.00
Tina Poultney - Funds raised from till donations at the Edinburgh Wool Co Shop in Woodlands Nurseries and various Ice Bucket Challenges £20.00
Shelley Rowse ~ My Dad passed away in 2011 of mesothelioma. I done the Ice Bucket Challenge and decided that this is the charity that is close to my heart and I wanted to donated to £10.00
Chris Sandiford ~ My Father-in-law died from this horrible strain of cancer. I did the Ice Bucket challenge and donated £20.00 quid in his honour £20.00
Sarah Jane Weston ~ I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and I chose this charity because my auntie Kath was diagnosed with mesothelioma on 31st May 2012 and died on the 1st September 2012. She is missed dearly and will always be in our hearts and her memory and spirit will live on in our hearts forever 🙂 lets hope one day we can say goodbye to this awful nasty disease Xxxxx £10.00
Sharon Thompson - My Ice Bucket Challenge I did in memory of my precious Dad, Brian Sidney Langley. Love you Dad and miss you so much everyday xxxxx £10.00
Bridget Wilson ~ My husband and I are donating our 'Ice Bucket Challenge' money to this cause as a friend of ours is bravely battling the disease £20.00

Action Mesothelioma Day and Patient and Carer Day Donations

Bristol & Beyond Asbestos Family Support - AMD Day Event £392.50
Bristol Zoo Patient Conference £247.00
Graham & Janet Dean - Held their 4th Charity Night at their home on 4th July 2014 to mark Action Mesothelioma Day. Their theme was the 'World Cup' which included the screening and betting on a football game, table football with Roulette and Black Jack and an Auction and they raised a fantastic £2,000.00 which they divided with the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity and both charities received £1,000.00 and grateful thanks go to Gary & Jean Helsby for matching funds raised making total donations to each charity £2,000.00.
Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team - Donations from the Leicester Strawberry Tea Party Event £455.50
Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team - Donations from Action Mesothelioma Day 2015 £925.00
Hampshire Asbestos Support & Awareness Group - Donation from S M Lambert £63.03
National Asbestos Helpline - Strawberry Tea Party Event £115.94
Pannone - Afternoon Tea Event £144.00

School Events:

The Teachers and Pupils from Abingdon School in Oxfordshire - Various fundraising events including a School Disco and an 'Abingdon's Got Talent Show' £450.00

Charity of the Year Events:

Rtn Neil Helliwell President of Rotary Club of Rochdale - Presidential Year £1,500.00
Derek Cracknell - Fundraising event held at Derek's home organised by the Rotary Club Edmonton £455.00

Coffee Mornings:

Amy Casey and Family - Coffee Morning £527.00
'The Fat Five' Carole, Tess, Julie Debbie, Mandy, Nanny Ethel and Marilyn - Coffee Morning and Knitting £550.00
Laurena Fifield - Macmillan Coffee Morning held for Mesothelioma Research £150.00
Viv Gardner - Coffee Morning £220.00
Meddygfa Borth Surgery - Sale of Tea, Coffee and Biscuits £100.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's Coffee Mornings in Memory of Norah Pittar previous Donations £2,212.50
Ann Pittar - Lady's January Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £30.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's February Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £20.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's March Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £20.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's April Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £20.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's May Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £31.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's June Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £23.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's July Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £40.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's August Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £36.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's September Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar 35.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's October Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £17.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's November Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £44.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's December Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £15.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's January Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £32.00
Ann PIttar - Lady's March Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £25.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's April Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £ 20.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's June Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £36.00
Ann Pittar - Lady's July Coffee Morning in Memory of Norah Pittar £20.00
Margherita Robinson - Coffee Morning held in memory of her dear husband £21.00
Rachel Sheppard - Coffee Morning in memory of a dear colleague, Zoe Wright £102.60

Moustaches For Meso:

Paul & Ethan Cowley - Moustaches for Meso in March 2014, £556.25
Raman Dhillon and Birmingham Team Irwin Mitchell Solicitors - Moustaches for Meso in March and Baking Cakes £344.06
Scott Donnelly - Movember £218.50
Conor Hewitt - Movember in Memory of his Step-Father Peter Cochrane £294.25
Craig Lawton - Moustache in Movember in tribute to his Dad, Brian Lawton £23.75
Pheobe and the Bristol Irwin Mitchell Solicitors - Moustaches for Meso in March £222.50
Andy Row - Movember Beard Shave £430.20
Joanne Tasker - Moustaches for Meso in March 2014, £350.25
Stuart Young - Movember £31.25

Christmas and Easter Events:

Graham Abbott - Awareness Day Bazzar £255.00
Liz & Alastair Ault - Hand made Christmas Cards £200.00
Shelia and Anthony Greenaway - The Greenaways Christmas Light Display in Pyworthy 2013 £475.00
Jane Halton - For use of One Arm Bandit & Juke Box over the Christmas period £125.57
Pamela Hamshaw - Knitted Easter Hen sale £85.00
Pam Hamshaw - Christmas Bells Sale £125.00
Pam Hamshaw - Sale of knitted Christmas Baubles £80.00
Amanda Miles - 'Christmas Craft Cafe Fayre' in memory of her brother-in-law £235.78
Richard Moody & Team Cancer Information Center Leicester for the sale of Meso UK Xmas Cards £288.00
Maria Robinson - Cake Baking at Christmas in memory of her dear husband £75.00
Cheryl Wright - 'Who Needs Cards' at Christmas £25.00
Ulverscroft Large Print Books Limited - Christmas Raffle £68.50


Abingdon School Charity Committee - Fund Raising Events 'Abingdons Got Talent Show', ' School Disco', 'Plain Clothes Day', 'Christmas Concert' and the 'School Tuck Shop' £450.00

Charity Day Events: Including Stalls, Fayres, Tombolas and Raffles

ACAD - Golf Tournament Auction £3,656.13
Julia Baines kindly held a raffle and contributed 10% of her sales from her Just Jules party £313.00
Bristol & Beyond Asbestos Family Support Group - Donations from the Patient Conference Day £127.00
Nadine Coates friend, Grace Wyness - Scarecrow Charity Festival Stall £180.00
Jane Davalle - Gravelly Barn 'Vivace Art inspired by Music' Art Exhibition in memory of Ann smith £1,750.00
Barry Donegan & David Dunn - Charity Football Event £1,200.00
Paul Edwards - Charity Football Match £1,850.00
Olivya Hames & Wendy Hames - Tombola Session £221.60
Samantha, Alfie, Ronnie, Honey & Harwood Friends Boxing Day Dip £172.50
Tricia Lilley organised a Soup Luncheon in memory of her dear partner Ann Smith £1,025.00
Elisabeth Lindley - Royton Cricket Club Fun Day in Tribute to Trevor Lewis £3,150.00
London Offshore Consultants - Golf Day Challenges 2014 in support of Howard Longley £900.00
Lynn hewitt, Jane Vincent & Mirela Thompson, Friends of Hampton Junior School, with special thanks to Leila Cabbani, Lillian Gask, Nada Noor, Ellie Grace Cocksley Graham, and Laily Kakar chose to raise funds for us at their Charity Stall Event £46.84
Kayleigh Maisie - School Fundraiser in support of her lovely Great Grandad, Allan who is 90 years old £10.00
Debbie Maslen - Ladies Raffle, Cake and Prosecco Afternoon £1,302.50
Hutton Moor 50+ Club - Ran several Coach outings during the yearand donated all the proceeds from raffles held £300.00
St Just RFC LTD - Vintage Rally doantion given in memory of John Nicholls £605.00
George Talbot Memorial Football Match - Scott Talbot and Chris Stanborough organised a charity football match at Uxbridge Football Club on 27th July in memory of a dear uncle and friend and raised a fantastic £4,005.75
Jemma Walker - October 13 Mickleover to Bakewell Bike Ride, December Christmas Card and Calendar Sale, April Bakeathon in Memory of her lovely husband, Colin Walker £1,478.31
Brian Wallis, RAF Marham Veteran Association - Charity Raising Awareness Event £150.00
Brian Wallis, Bruntingthorpe Rolling Air Show and Norfolk Classic Car Show at Norwich Airport £257.00
Brian Wallis, Three events taking place June & July 2015 in Essex, Norfolk & Lincolnshire £200.00

Charity Evening Events:

Diane (Palfrey) Andrews - Grand Raffle Birchwood Bingo Club in memory of Aelwyn Andrews £502.00
Bassingbourne Bingo Club - Collection £50.00
Alice Brockman - Alice organised a Miniature Music Festival on Saturday 16th August at her home in support of her Mum's illness. The festival was enjoyed by all especially Alice's mum.
Theresa & Barry Bond - Masconic Ladies Charity Evening £1,660.27
Kath & Tracey Burrows - Charity Evening 2015 in memory of Les Burrows at The Saffron Lane Working Mens' Club, with special thanks to Steve Smith, Steve Sinatra, Kelly Jenns, Lesley, Niteshift, Hollie & the Dedications, Phil Voss and Band Freddie £1,146.10
Kath & Tracey Burrows - May Charity Evening at the Saffron Lane Working Mens Club in Leicester and Charity Show at the Elms Wigston Magna in Leicester in February. The Charity Events were held in memory of a wonderful husband, father and friend, Len Burrows loved and missed everyday by all who knew him £1,337.10 and big thanks go to Tracey and Dean, to Mick Welsh for the organisation of the shows, Steve Sinatra for comparing, Debbie Walker, Brian Vann and Kerry King for the sale of raffle tickets.
Kath Burrows held a Charity Show at Eyres Monsell Working Mens Club in memory of her dear husband Len and raised £427.10
Mrs J Chandler and Friends - Occasional Quiz Night £40.00
Janet & Graham Dean - Charity Evening £1,521.00
Michelle Hankinson - The Michelle School of Dance held a Remembering a Friend Concert in memory of Rachel Dodds who not only danced as a student but also went on to teach £3,418.00
Wendy Heap - Fundraising Concert held in memory of Robert Heap £565.00
Lend Lease Guvners Club Annual Charity Ball £10,000.00
Linda Lakin - 'A Bit of A Do' Dinner Dance £2,933.76
Elisabeth Lindley - Donations raised by her local pub 'The Halfway House' in Oldham by holding various quiz & charity nights held over the summer months £1,000.00
Amanda Miller and Fran Milner - The Forget Mesothelioma Not Spring Ball 2014 £11,238.00 in tribute to their wonderful Fathers.
Amanda Miller The Bell & Crown Pub in Snaith - Charity Memorial Darts Night £910.00
Maxine Moody & Jamie Roxon - Charity Night at The Chesters £1,130.00
Moore & Blatch Solicitors - Held a Charity Quiz Night £360.00
Lisa Parr - Mesothelioma Charity Ball Rochdale Football Club £3,410.00
Our Lady of Grace Line Dance Group - collected donations £37.60
Sandy & District Conservative Club - Poker Tournament held in memory of Gary White £303.17
Brian Wallis - February Fundraising Concert in memory of his dear wife Rosemary £1,297.73

Charity Stall Sales, Raffles, Tombolas, Bring & Buy, Cake Sales, Raising Awareness and Collections:

Glynis Austin - Sale of homemade crafts in memory of her dear husband Edward (Ted) £80.00
Anita Bean - Village Fete & Dog Show £2,000.00
Mrs R S Bilbie - Sale of cards £280.00
Marie Bloss - Raising Awareness Stall £190.00
Lyn, Jane & Peter Budd - Table Top Sales £151.00
Lyn, Jane & Peter Budd - School Fayres £100.00
Lyn, Jane & Peter Budd - Local Fair £250.00
Mia Cookman - Held an Halloween Party in memory of her lovely Grandad and raised £25.60
Ann Cregan - Held a Sale of Plants grown by her husband Terry, who sadly died of mesothelioma £1,653.00
Jackie Elsom Papworth Support Group with Ely Caffe Nero - Collection box £72.56
Fab Five Ethel and Marilyn - Sale of hand knitted items and and a raffle on Ethel's 94th birthday £140.00
Joanna Hackett - Collection at Local Super Market £401.80
Janet Hallam-Elvin - Bring and Buy Sale £469.50
Pamela Hamshaw - Sale of hand knitted Easter Eggheads £87.00
Latimer Higham, Greedy Pig Butchers in Allestree - Counter collection box £150.00
Marie Langley - Selling nail polishes at work £60.00
Tricia Lilley - Book and Biscuit Stall at Village Wheelbarrow Fair in memory of Ann Smith £150.00
Lloyds TSB Retirement Club - Pensioners Luncheon Raffle Donations £300.00
Marine Submarines, Marine & Technology Devonport Royal Dockyard Portsmouth - Cake Sale £265.45
Amanda Miles -
Karen Morton - Carboot Sale of home made cards £50.00
Karen Morton - Craft Fayre Stall £26.00
Mavis Nye - Whitstable and Herne Bay Lions Fashion Show £1,000.00
Our Lady of Grace line Dance Group - £41.14
Tina Poultney - Coffee Morning, Tombola and Cake Sale at Woodlands Garden Centre £250.00
Abby Reynolds - Home made Christmas Cards £43.00
Niamh Sherwood from Boyes Turner and the Industrial Diseases Unit - Cake Sale £160.00
Annie Wood - Tesco collection in Epping £33.44
Brian Wallis - Attending RAF bases throughout the UK to Raise Awareness £202.00

Donations in Lieu of Gifts and Cards:

Graeme Hatti, employee at Rabobank International in London - Matched Giving Scheme £770.00 instead of recieving gifts for his wedding to Gemma
Emma & Jo Hennessy raised £500.00 at their Grandmother 80th Birthday Fancy Dress Party in support of her lovely husband Brian who has mesothelioma.
Humberston Academy - Donation in Lieu of sending Christmas Cards £45.00
Dawn Pask - Donations in lieu of presents at her Birthday Party in memory of her husband £225.00
Diane Wood - Donations in Celebration of her 50th Birthday £1,520.00

Donations Dress Up and Down Days:

Borden Grammar School in Sittingbourne - Non-Uniform Day £662.14
Yvonne Mitchell HGS Team - Casual Dress Down Day £60.00
Shield Environmental Services Limited Bristol, Staff Dress Down Day £48.56
Corries Solicitors, Staff Dress Down Day £45.40


A donation received from a very kind gentleman from Leicester £1,000.00
A donation received from a very kind gentleman from Leicester £1,000.00
Kathleen H Allen - Donation £100.00
A&P Group Limited - Donation from their Safety at Work Scheme £150.00
T C Baughan - Donation £100.00
Linda Beal - Collection in memory of her lovely Mum £132.00
Val Bingley - Donation £56.00
Mrs J Birha - Donation £1,500.00
Dr Iwona Bujalska - Donation £500.00
Mr & Mrs Clarkson - Donation £500.00
Mr & Mrs K & S D Cook - Donation £80.00
Harriet Craven - Photo Shoot for Pegasus Life Housing Development Company, in support of her wonderful sister £500.00
Delamere Park Gardening Club £100.00
Eileen Dring - Donation £171.59
Elizabeth Hayes - Donation from a piece of recording equipment than belonged to her late husband Derek £40.00
Mrs J L Goff - Donation £50.00
Freemasons London Road Leicester - Donation from Fortitude Chapter £250.00
Mr A R & Mrs V L Haines - Donation £300.00
J N Harvey - Donation £10.00
Audrey Howell - Donation £25.00
Irwin Mitchell kindly forwarded a donation on behalf of a client who's claim was settled £1,000.00
Linda Lakin - Donation £100.00
James Lanigan - Donation £500.00
Earl of Lathom Lodge No 2560 - Donation £500.00
John Albert Latus - under the care of Lorraine Creech £2,500.00
Shirley Kempner kindly donated as a gift to celebrate and congratulate her cousins, Mr & Mrs Ebner on their Golden Wedding Anniversary.
Mrs L McGrady - Donation £50.00
Arvind Mistry - Donation £101.00
Alan Parker - Donation £300.00
Pattinson & Brewer Solicitors - Donation £86.00
Julie Pearson - Donation £100.00
Mr Herbert Colin Peel, patient of Lorraine Creech £100.00
Mrs M Perry - Donation £10.00
Mrs K C Readett - Donation £20.00
Semantics Market Research - Study Day Donation £200.00
TerraCycle Brigades Team - Donation £10.00
Trinity Lodge 3403 Plymouth £200.00
Unite Bombardier Aero Branch 2009 - Donation £1,000.00
Margaret Walker - Donation £20.00
Belinda West - Donation £60.00
Woodcote Epsom Lodge - Donation From the Freemasons Grands Charity Chest Scheme £500.00
Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1 College - Donation in memory of Angela Goodman £44.05

Birthday, Weddings and Anniversary Celebrations:

Karen Cox - 50th Birthday Party and Raffle in memory of Peter Quinn & Alan Hayden £403.00
Olive Gardiner has celebrated her 80th birthday with a Fancy Dress Party in support of her lovely husband Brian who has mesothelioma. £625.00
Helen & Martyn - Donations from their Wedding Day in memory of Helens Dad, Michael Edwards £156.25

Collection Tubs:

Sam Beal - collection tub from work, Sainsbury's £66.00
Mrs K Digby - collection pot at the Bell & Crown, Snaith £39.70
Pam Hamshaw and The Hair Loft - Collection box £11.87
Pam Hamshaw and The Hair Loft - collection Box £10.27
Amanda Miller - Brewers Arms £18.64 - Bell & Crown £21.00 - Snaith Chip Shop £18.95 - Amanda Miller Hair £52.93 - Total £111.52
Amanda Miller Hair - £20.55
Tina Poultney - Shop Collection Tub £26.37
Rita Polly - Craft shop Collection Tub £30.00
Ye Olde Vigour Inn Anglesey Wales - Collection Tub £20.00