CEO visits asbestos monitor and detector manufacturers, Alert Technology Ltd

Mesothelioma UK Chief Executive, Liz Darlison, recently visited Alert Technology Ltd, developers and manufacturers of the world’s first and only range of real-time airborne asbestos monitor and detectors. Alert Technology wrote this piece about the visit:

Liz Darlison learns why asbestos is so personal to Alert

Alert Technology Ltd recently welcomed Liz Darlison, founder and CEO of Mesothelioma UK to their Devonshire office. Liz was given a tour of the facilities, introduced to the team and an overview of Alert’s real-time airborne asbestos detection technology – designed specifically to reduce exposure to airborne asbestos.

Loretta King, MD of Alert Technology Ltd explained the passion behind their innovation: “Asbestos exposure is incredibly personal to us. About two years ago my father, Alan Archer who founded Alert Technology was diagnosed initially with Pleural Plaques and then subsequently with kidney cancer both of which are directly the result of exposure to asbestos in his youth as an apprentice plumber. Very luckily for us his conditions were treatable and following removal of one of his kidneys, he is healthy and cancer free.

“We will be forever grateful that his was not a mesothelioma diagnosis which often, means survival of less than a year. My father always knew he’d been exposed in his youth and whilst his diagnosis was made long after we’d begun our journey to develop the Asbestos ALERT PRO, it has definitely cemented the importance of what we’re doing here and how there has to be a better way to handle this risk.”

Liz is one of the UK’s most dedicated supporters and advocates for mesothelioma patients, an aggressive and terminal type of cancer directly related to asbestos exposure. Still a Consultant Nurse at the University Hospitals of Leicester, she established Mesothelioma UK in 2008 as a national charity and centre of excellence providing mesothelioma information, support, and education around the UK. Internationally recognised for its work and research projects, Liz was awarded a much-deserved MBE in 2019 for her hard work.

It is safe to say few people in the UK know more about the harsh realities of asbestos exposure, or do more to support those suffering because of it, than Liz and her team at Mesothelioma UK which includes 35 specialist nurses and 17 people in operations.

Alert was honoured to spend a couple of hours with Liz, introducing her to Alan and giving her a tour of Alert’s office and manufacturing facility in Devon.

As developers and manufacturers of the world’s first and only range of real-time airborne asbestos monitor and detectors (Asbestos ALERT PRO) Liz was keen to understand how Alert’s unique technology worked.

She said of her visit: “As a preventative technology, I think it is a brilliant concept. Prevention is always the better option. Whatever can be done to reduce the risk of prolonged exposure will ultimately help to reduce the number of people living and dying with this brutal disease.”

Mesothelioma UK support people living with the impact of asbestos, where the human cost highest. For Liz and her team, it’s reassuring to know new teams of ‘Asbestos Warriors’ like those at Alert are dedicated to driving technology forwards, providing new tools to improve safety that will ultimately help reduce asbestos exposure and save lives.

Alert Technology is committed to supporting Mesothelioma UK and encourages others to do the same.

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