Brian Wallis

Brian Wallis’ military connections go back at least four generations and he himself served as a Logistics Officer with MoD before retiring in 1996.

Brian served in the Royal Air Force (RAF), with MoD and Nato Forces, and with HM Government defence contractors, performing specialist management duties at various times between 1965 and 1996. In more recent times Brian has served and still serves in his 80th. year various Armed Forces charities, both as a fundraiser and events manager

His late wife Rosemary was also a Crown employee, before her untimely and tragic death from mesothelioma in 2013.

Brian is now an ambassador and volunteer for the national asbestos-related cancer charity, Mesothelioma UK.

He has been the instigator in setting up several support groups in East Anglia over the last few years and his passion is to raise funding for a specialist mesothelioma nurse in East Anglia.

Knowing Rosemary wanted to see support for mesothelioma patients in the East of England in 2015, Brian founded Anglia Asbestos Diseases Support Group with volunteer personnel from RAF Marham, Norfolk, known affectionately as The Marham Group. Brian also played a central role in setting up the East of England Asbestos Patient Support Group (CIO), a registered charity in 2016.

No such support networks existed before this in East Anglia and regular monthly meetings continue in Suffolk and Norfolk.

His input has changed people’s lives in those areas, where there was nothing now there is a safe haven for those who need support and to share their mesothelioma journeys.


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