Awards Night 2023

Mesothelioma UK Awards 2023

Our annual awards celebrate the amazing work of our supporters. After this year’s Patient and Carer Day in Brighton, we presented the awards and would like to thank all of you who support us.

The winners of the 2023 Mesothelioma UK Awards were:

Honourable mentions and special thanks

Brian Wallis – retiring as a Mesothelioma UK Ambassador, Brian has done a tremendous amount of work over the last 10 years in the East of England in memory of his dear wife, Rosemary. His vision was to help others diagnosed with mesothelioma, so he went about setting up support groups in Norfolk, Bury St Edmunds & Wells-next-the-Sea and he champions Mesothelioma UK wherever he goes. He has been instrumental in raising funds for a Mesothelioma specialist nursing post in the Norfolk and Suffolk area, and is truly committed to improving the mesothelioma journey of patients and their families.

Sarah Morgan – Mesothelioma UK Clinical Nurse Specialist is also retiring. In 2017, after a long and distinguished nursing career in palliative care and lung cancer, Sarah Morgan joined our team to lead Mesothelioma UK’s support for patients in Wales. During the past six years, Sarah has tirelessly advocated for better access to care and treatments for people with mesothelioma. By becoming Project Lead for Wales, Sarah has ensured that the Welsh voice was heard at a national and international level. In 2021, the Welsh Health Specialised Services Committee announced the commissioning of mesothelioma services in Wales including a national MDT and optimal pathway. Sarah has continued to be the leading voice in developing the service specification and ensuring the establishment of a mesothelioma network across Wales.

Most Inspirational Fundraiser – Sally Reedman & Emma Brookes

Sally and her daughter, Emma have been fundraising since 2013 in memory of dear Michael, who was a wonderful husband to Sally and father to Emma. Sadly, Michael passed away in 2012 and the pair have been committed to raising awareness and funds since. Nothing has deterred them; even during the pandemic, they continued to find the inspiration to carry on and fly the flag for Mesothelioma UK and have raised over £14,000. Sally and Emma, our two wonderfully dedicated and inspirational fundraisers who truly deserve their awards.

Dedication to the Charity – Pam Hamshaw

Pam has been supporting the charity for a very long time. In 2008, she lost her dear husband, Tony to mesothelioma. At that time, she was aware that many people had never heard of mesothelioma which inspired her and her family to do what they could to both raise awareness and funds to support the charity. Their first fundraiser was to walk the then unopened section of the relief road between Weymouth and Dorchester. Pam is dedicated to the charity and we love receiving Pam’s letters letting us know what’s she’s been up to – there’s always a smile that comes with them. Pam is one of our most dedicated supporters, she continually flies the flag for Mesothelioma UK and truly deserves her award.

Fundraiser of the Year – Rob Juby

In 2022, Rob began his fundraising efforts for Mesothelioma UK. Having previously dedicated himself to fundraising for Young Lives vs Cancer, Rob was motivated to honour the memory of his late father, John, who sadly passed away in 2018. Rob embarked on a challenging 60-mile bike ride across the Peak District, followed by a 26-mile hike around Bakewell, alongside his AXA colleagues and later in the year, he organised a quiz event. Remarkably, Rob is committed to repeating these endeavours this year. His invaluable support and dedication to the charity have gone beyond fundraising, as he has also volunteered his time. We are truly fortunate to have Rob as a part of our team at Mesothelioma UK and we extend our thanks to him for his contributions.

Special Recognition award – Denise Burwell & Nile Ateem

In 2021, Mesothelioma UK made significant changes to and relaunched its volunteer programme. The response received was overwhelming, resulting in an influx of new volunteers in just a few months. While all of our volunteers have been nothing short of incredible, we want to extend special recognition to two outstanding individuals:

Denise Burwell – since the beginning of her volunteer journey, Denise has provided unwavering dedication and a huge level of commitment to the cause. No task is too small for her – she has set up stands at her local hospital, distributed flyers throughout London for Action Meso Day, and passionately advocated for change during the ‘Don’t Let the Dust Settle’ campaign. Denise’s profound commitment to our charity is nothing short of exceptional and her receipt of this award is so well deserved.

Nile Ateem – another outstanding volunteer who has consistently demonstrated enthusiasm, dedication and total support for Mesothelioma UK. Nile has become an integral member of our team with his photography services. He has not only documented our brilliant fundraisers and supporters in action at events but has also undertaken his own fundraising initiatives in support of Mesothelioma UK and was able to secure celebrity endorsement for the promotion of the ‘Don’t Let the Dust Settle’ campaign. Congratulations, Nile, on this well-deserved recognition!

Charity Partner of the Year – HASAG 

Team HASAG, where do we begin! Mesothelioma UK is privileged and beyond grateful to work with some amazing asbestos support groups. Our relationship with HASAG spans many years and they are always there for us to turn to and seek support from. Their success as an organisation reflects how closely they work with, and support people living with asbestos-related diseases. Thank you TEAM HASAG for all that you do for individuals and families living with mesothelioma, and thank you for all the sometimes-unseen support that you provide for Mesothelioma UK. We wouldn’t be the charity we are today without the long-term relationship we have with you.

Corporate partner of the year – The Mesothelioma UK Legal Panel: Asbestos Law Partnership, Digby Brown, Fieldfisher, Hugh James, Irwin Mitchell, Irwin Mitchell Scotland, Leigh Day, Novum Law, Simpson Millar, Slater & Gordon, Thompsons, RWK Goodman

The Mesothelioma UK Legal Panel are a group of specialist solicitors who have years of experience in providing specialist legal advice to people diagnosed with mesothelioma. The panel includes 12 UK law firms that support and raise awareness of the charity, as well as offering independent legal support to both patients and their families. They are instrumental in recovering costs for treatments that are not available on the NHS that patients may need in the future.

A legal claim can sound very onerous to those diagnosed with mesothelioma, but our expert legal panel members are there to help guide and navigate, providing clear and sound advice throughout, and are always on hand to help. There is no cost to patients or families and the panel take extraordinary care to minimise the impact of pursuing a claim on their clients and families.

The Mesothelioma UK Legal Panel consistently support fundraising events and campaigns, promote our free will service leading to donations through legacies, share information for research and collaborate with other specialist firms. They support our nurses through sponsorship for educational events and support our Patient & Carer Day and Awards Night. We are truly grateful for all they do.

Mesothelioma UK Patient & Carer Day 2023

Our 2023 Patient and Carer Day was held in Brighton on 5 October 2023. The annual event brings together people affected by mesothelioma to share experiences, learn about living well with mesothelioma, as well as find out about the latest research and treatments.

Click for more on our Patient & Carer Day 2023.​