National Mesothelioma Audit 2018

‘I very much hope that those responsible for providing and commissioning the services for patients suffering from mesothelioma will look at this report and seriously consider what implications it has for their own responsibilities for providing high–quality care for all.’

Professor Mick Peake – Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mesothelioma UK

The third report of the National Mesothelioma Audit in the UK was published on 21st June 2018. This is the work of the excellent National Lung Cancer Audit (NLCA) team, commissioned and funded by Mesothelioma UK.

Download the 2018 National Mesothelioma Audit Report.

Peritoneal data for the first time

The 2018 National Mesothelioma Audit Report, for the first time, includes data on patients with peritoneal mesothelioma and the team hope to continue to improve on all aspects of the audit with the ongoing support of Mesothelioma UK.

Regional picture

The report also shows a breakdown of incidence, treatment and survival rates by region on page 15.


National mesothelioma data was previously always gathered and reported on as part of the National Lung Cancer Audit. This changed in 2014 and since that time. Mesothelioma UK has provided the financial support to ensure that this invaluable work is maintained.

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