What we Fund: Clinical Research

Title: Non-invasive diagnosis of mesothelioma using structured light plethysmography (SLP)

Grant awarding partner : National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses (NLCFN)

Funding partner: Pat Stone Meso Support

Amount awarded: £21,795

Main researcher: Amy Kerr

Start date:  June 2017

End date: June 2018

Detailed info: Structured light plethysmography (SLP) is a new diagnosis method which measures chest wall motion which can highlight differences according to the disease which is causing abnormalities on chest X rays or CT scans. Integrating SLP into future clinical practice to diagnose mesothelioma could improve the diagnostic process for patients with possible mesothelioma and reduce the need for hospital admission for invasive investigations.

Progress reports: You can read a detailed report here: https://www.mesothelioma.uk.com/news/non-invasive-diagnosis-study/