Trustees, Ambassadors and Advisory Group


Michael Peake

Michael D Peake MB, ChB, FRCP

Chair of the Board of Trustees, Mesothelioma UK

Professor Peake is now Clinical Director of the Centre for Cancer Outcomes, University College London Hospitals, a Clinical Advisor to Cancer Research UK and Chair of the UK branch of the CODE (Collaboration for Oncology Data in Europe) programme. He is also Emeritus Consultant and Hon. Professor of Respiratory Medicine in the University Hospitals of Leicester.

He has had a major interest in lung cancer and mesothelioma for many years, establishing the National Lung Cancer Audit. He was heavily involved in the development of the National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service and was National Clinical Lead for Lung Cancer until the NHS reforms of 2013. He founded the UK Lung Cancer Coalition, chairs the Board of Mesothelioma UK, is a member of the board of the British Thoracic Oncology Group and the National Lung Cancer Forum for Nurses.

He has been involved in the development of national cancer policy since the mid-1990s. He has published widely, his major interests being early cancer diagnosis and improving outcomes for cancer patients by proper service configuration, supported by good clinical outcome data.


Alida Coates

Alida is a solicitor with Irwin Mitchell LLP, specialising in asbestos related diseases claims. She has over 20 years’ experience helping those diagnosed with mesothelioma (and other asbestos illnesses) gain access to compensation and is considered an expert in this area with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the issues faced by her clients. Alida has been a Trustee of Mesothelioma UK since 2009.


Ruth Davies

Ruth was a solicitor and partner with John Pickering and Partners for more than 15 years where she specialised in helping people with asbestos related diseases and their families. Through her work with these families, Ruth built a reputation as a very caring and efficient lawyer.

Currently she is taking some time for herself but keeping busy on our Board of Trustees, volunteering at the Citizens Advice Bureau, studying counselling skills and spending time with her family. Ruth has been a Trustee of Mesothelioma UK since 2009.


Dr David Hetmanski

Dr Hetmanski is the Assistant Director of Research & Innovation at University Hospitals of Leicester. He has over 16 years’ experience in research management and is chair of the East Midlands R&D Leads as well as holding an honorary position with the University of Leicester. Before moving into research management he held a number of posts in the NHS and the university sector.  Dr Hetmanski has been a Trustee of Mesothelioma UK since 2010.

Dawn Mckinley

Dawn Mckinley

Dawn is the Senior Executive Officer for British Thoracic Oncology Group (BTOG) and before becoming a Trustee, provided Mesothelioma UK with operational management services. Her role with BTOG is to provide inspiring and innovative management and play a key role in the development of BTOG in collaboration with the Board of Trustees and Steering Committee and overall management of all BTOG projects and activities.  Her earlier professional background included marketing, PA roles and VAT accountancy. Prior to BTOG, Dawn worked in Australia as a VAT Consultant


We currently have six wonderful ambassadors covering different parts of the country in East Anglia, Norfolk, Manchester, Gloucester, London, Yorkshire and Wales. They support the charity and give their time selflessly.

The main part of their role is:

  • To attend events and deliver a clear and concise message of gratitude to those who have held an activity/event or raised monies in support of the charity
  • To help promote Mesothelioma UK through our website, other social media sites, Twitter and Facebook. Provide leaflets and/or flyers to distribute where possible and at events. Direct any press/PR enquiries to the Mesothelioma UK Communications Team
  • To have a good knowledge of the portfolio of support that Mesothelioma UK can offer, emphasising the need for continued funding to support everything that we wish to achieve in the future
  • Wherever possible, to ensure that the name ‘Mesothelioma UK’ becomes more recognisable and commonplace, thereby becoming a part of the news agenda wherever possible, enabling us to build a stronger presence in social media arenas and to sit comfortably alongside the more familiar cancer charities
  • Become familiar with the work of Mesothelioma UK in general, through our strategy, newsletter and website

Current Ambassadors

  • Brian Wallis
  • Danny Parr
  • Hayley Pattrick
  • Linda Lakin
  • Nicky Pitcher
  • Rosemary Giles

Advisory Group

The Mesothelioma Advisory Board is an expert advisory group that meets to discuss and make recommendations concerning the needs of mesothelioma sufferers. The Advisory Board was established and an inaugural meeting was held in April 2015. Meetings are held twice yearly.

Members include: nurses, clinicians, patients, carers, asbestos group representatives and Mesothelioma UK Operations Team members. One of the key recommendations made by the board was the introduction of travel expenses for patients attending centres for treatment. This was approved by the Board of Trustees and the initiative was launched from 1 April 2017.