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Mesothelioma UK is a national specialist resource centre, specifically for the asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma. The charity is dedicated to providing specialist mesothelioma information, support and education, and to improving care and treatment for all UK mesothelioma patients and their carers.

The charity integrates into NHS front line services to ensure specialist mesothelioma nursing is available at the point of need. This is achieved through a growing network of specialist mesothelioma nurses, regionally based in NHS hospitals but funded by Mesothelioma UK.


Mesothelioma UK Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Registered charity number: 1177039

Mesothelioma UK is proud to be a member of Cancer 52.

55% of UK cancer deaths are from rare and less common cancers.

Despite this, these cancers remain severely under represented and under-funded across all areas, including policy, services and research.

Cancer52 is an alliance of nearly 100 organisations working to address this inequality and improve outcomes for patients with these highly challenging diseases.


The charity was launched in 2004 with initial financial support from Macmillan Cancer Support and later from the Mick Knighton Mesothelioma Research Fund. We became an independent charity in 2009 and registered as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation in 2018.

Our logo

Mesothelioma UK is a charity dedicated to providing specialist information, support and education, and to improving care and treatment for all UK patients and carers affected by the asbestos-related cancer, mesothelioma.

The flowers in the Mesothelioma UK logo are forget-me-nots.

Part of the reason we exist is to raise awareness of mesothelioma, so we ask people to forget-mesothelioma-not!


Fundraising Regulator

We have registered with the Fundraising Regulator, demonstrating our commitment to good fundraising practice. We have committed to abide by the Code of Fundraising Practice and to the Fundraising Promise.

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