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Introducing Bob McLaren, new ambassador for Wales

Bob Mclaren photo_April 2017
Bob Mclaren

My name is Bob McLaren. I currently live in Poole in Dorset but will be moving to south Wales in the near future to be nearer family and to better carry out my role with Mesothelioma UK as its Ambassador for Wales. 

I have one son and three daughters. I have been married twice- my first wife,Helen, died in March 2007 from Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. My second wife, Jo, died from Peritoneal Mesothelioma in September 2016. 

During Jo’s six-year battle with this entirely preventable cancer, there were many pit falls in obtaining the most effective treatments to extend her life. The fact that Jo had a terminal cancer didn’t seem enough for her to obtain the best medicine and we had to jump through hoops and be quite forceful at times to get the correct drugs for her. 

Since Jo died and I retired, I wanted to do something to help others who suffer with this terrible disease. My role with Mesothelioma UK will hopefully allow me to raise the profile of mesothelioma and of the charity in Wales. I will be delighted to meet as many patients, carers and anyone else who may have an interest in mesothelioma. 

I will do my very best to support the service in Wales and to nurture my links with the Welsh Assembly with the aim of improving education and treatment in Wales for those suffering from mesothelioma.