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The Macmillan Cancer Support Share website section includes a discussion forum.

Discussion forum for Mesothelioma


David Staley was diagnosed in October 2015, three weeks before his 40th birthday. Having never knowingly worked with asbestos the diagnosis was a complete bombshell.  

Three weeks after diagnosis David had his left lung removed before starting four months of chemotherapy in January 2016. He’s now back at work full time, trying to lead a ‘normal’ life with his wife Alison, and children Joshua & Erin.

David is extremely grateful for the support from family, friends, doctors, nurses etc and believes he wouldn’t be where he is today without it.


Dr. Mags Portman began writing her blog in January 2017 after being diagnosed with mesothelioma aged 42. Mags is a Consultant at Mortimer Market Centre in London, which is part of Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust.


Mavis Nye was diagnosed with mesothelioma when she was exposed to asbestos from her husband's work clothes decades ago. However since the diagnosis Mavis has certainly been busy having set up two websites and written a book about the day to day life of dealing with mesothelioma and has become an active part of Meso Warriors.  Mavis was awarded with the IATP 2013 Award for her work in making Asbestos awareness around the world. 



If you would like to include your BLOG please do contact 0800 169 2409 or email mesothelioma.uk@uhl-tr.nhs.uk