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Linda Lakin

Linda Lakin photo

Linda Lakin is 64 years old and lives in Birstall, Leicestershire. 

Linda was diagnosed with mesothelioma 2.5 years ago. This followed four years of testing to find out what was wrong.  She hadn't knowingly been exposed to asbestos so the doctors and specialists weren't looking for it as a cause. 

After her diagnosis, she spoke to the Derbyshire Asbestos Support Team who after considering her employment history, suggested that the most likely cause of exposure was when Linda was working in a dry cleaning shop in the 1970s where the pipes were lagged with asbestos. 

However, this was not a substantive enough reason for her to claim on her insurance for treatment. 

Linda underwent surgery in March 2014 to remove the lining of her right lung. At the time, it removed all of the cancerous cells and she was cancer free for 18 months before it eventually returned again (as her surgeon had predicted that it would). 

Her latest chemotherapy course finished two weeks ago.

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