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Questions to ask a Potential Solicitor

Important questions to ask are:

1. How many Mesothelioma cases has the law firm dealt with?

2. Has the law firm taken any cases like yours to settlement and if so, how many?

3. How long does it usually take the law firm to conclude Mesothelioma cases?

4. Does the law firm have specific knowledge of the employers involved in your claim?

5. Will they arrange to visit you at your home at a time convenient to you to discuss the claim?

6. Will all medical details of your case be gained from your medical records or will it be necessary for you to have a medical examination?

7. How will you be kept informed of your claim’s progress and how often will you be updated?

8. Will they deal with the claim at no cost to you?

9. Will you receive 100% of the sum of compensation agreed or awarded?

Disclaimer: Mesothelioma UK does not accept any responsibility relating to the appointment of a law firm following the use of this list of questions. These questions are suggested only.