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Peritoneal - Fluid in the Abdomen

In peritoneal mesothelioma, fluid accumulates in the abdominal cavity rather than the pleural cavity. This causes swelling of the abdomen which is uncomfortable and reduces appetite. This fluid can be drained in a procedure called paracentesis but there is no equivalent technique to pleurodesis (used in pleural mesothelioma) that reduces the chance of recurrence. Repeated paracenteses are sometimes required although eventually the situation often stabilises. An indwelling catheter which can stay in place may be used if fluid is troublesome.  As excessive fluid can squash the stomach it is sometimes helpful to use a drug that encourages stomach emptying such as regular metoclopramide.  Click here to download a booklet on Ascites.
Illustrated image of Ascites (abdominal fluids)
Illustrated image of Ascites (Abdominal accumulation of fluids)