Donations 2016/2017


Mrs Margaret Almey - Donation in celebration of Yvonne & Eric Burtons Ruby Wedding Anniversary £25.00

Mr S W J Bunch - Kindly donated from his 25th Wedding Anniversary £25.00

Tessa Burgess- Kindly donated her Wedding Donations £120.00

Victoria Fisher & Martin Smith - Wedding donations in memory of Martins Dad, £906.25

Myrtle Lawrence - Donations from friends and neighbours for a Special Birthday £70.00

Anna McCorquodale & Mr Nilesh Desai, kindly donated £100.00 which they raised from their wedding favours of the Forget-Mesothelioma-Not pins in celebration of their wedding held on the 1st April 2014. We send our congratulations and best wishes for the future.

Gemma Goodman & Graham Hattie kindly opened a Just Giving Page In honour of their wedding on 29th September 2013 and her  lovely Mum Angela, who has shown outstanding strength in the most difficult of times.  Sadly Angela passed away on the 23rd September. All donations raised £1,394.36

Heather & Oliver Sims kindly donated £392.50 raised during celebrations of her 30th Wedding Anniversary 

Helen and Martyn Warnes - Married on 17th July 2014 and kindly donated Wedding Donations £226.25 


Private Donation £50.00
Mrs Brinton - In lieu of Christmas Cards £100.00
Mr R R Clarke £70.00
Mrs S V Clarke £100.00
Mr & Mrs Dickson £10.00
Mrs B Morton £10.00
A Horsely £25.00
Masonic Lodge of Perfect Friendship Suffolk £500.00
Mrs Jean Matheson £30.00
Provincial Grand Lodge of Worcestershire £250.00
Mrs S Pulsford - In support of the work we do in memory of her dear husband £260.00
Runswell Indoor Bowls Club £100.00
Saltend Cogeneration Company Limited nomination as their charity to support in 2014 £300.00
Mr L Starr - Funds raised by work colleagues following his recent  retirement £100.00
Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) £500.00
Mr Ted Wilton - In appreciation of the work we do £50.00
Ms Julie Winn - Funds raised by her friends over the Christmas period £100.00
Mrs J Wren £30.00

Legacy Donations

Ms Jean Mary Baker £24,504.39
Mr Charles Henry Blackwell  £11,108.63
Mr Royston Stephen Brown £1,000.00
Mr Kenneth Charles Drury £15,000.00
Mr David Edward Holman £100.00
Mrs Irmgard Huttner £5,000
Mr John Large £250.00
Mr Denis Moriarty £20,000.00
Mr Alexander Khalia Khan Nyazai £5,000.00
Mr Tony Plestod £20.00
Mr Len Smith £14,000.00
Mr David Taylor £5,000.00
Mrs Ann Beatrice Walters £1,000.00
Mrs Jean Evelyn Young £1,000.00

Donations In Memory of
Under £100

Mr William Noel Acklam
Mr Almond
Mr James Bartholomew
Mrs Maisie Berry
Mr Michael Stuart Bourne
Mr Alan Boyle
Mr Leslie Geroge Bowman
Mr Frank Leslie  Brown
Mr David Burman
Mr Ivan Burns
Mr Brian Coakes
Mr David John Crisp
Mr Michael John Dando
Mr Trevor A Davies
Mr David Dobson
Mr William Evans
Mr George Farrelly
Mr John Gallimore
Mr John Terry Gibbs
Mr Anthony Goode
Mrs Carole Hagedorn
Mr Arthur Hamlin
Mr Ronald Charles Sydney 'Ginger' Harfleet
Mr Derek Hayes of Whitley Bay
Mr Stanley Hicks
Mr Clive Charles Leigh
Mr Paolo Mario Lewis
Mr Roger Luckman
Mrs Susan Joan McCarthy
Marian Dorothy McDougall
Mr Thomas (Len) McGill
Mrs Yvonne Mildren
Mr George Molloy
Mr Michael John Parker
Ms Joanne Clare Perry
Mr Peter Pierce
Mr Wayne Powell
Mrs Jean Alice Reed
Mr Charles Ivor Reeves
Mr Christopher Norman Sanderson
Mr David John Stone
Mr John Haywood Torkington
Mrs Margaret Walker
Mr Ian Widdicombe

Donations In Memory of

Mr William Akers
Mr Richard Allen
Mr Ron Andrews
Mr Christopher John Anscombe
Mr Peter Armitage
Mrs Nena Baker
Mrs Janet Barnett
Mrs Janice Mary Baxter
Mrs Vera Edith Beal
Andy (Dinger) Bell
Mr Stanley Roger Bell
Mr Stephen Benge
Mr John Benham
Mr William Birnie

Mr Basil Board
Mr Cyril Boddy
Mr Ronald Desmond Boon
Mr Roger Bown
Mr Clive Martin Brimmell
Mrs Eileen Brown
Mr John Burnett

Mr Ivan Thomas Burns
Mr Derek Butler

Mrs Irene Carter
Mr Norman Hugh Christmas
Mr Brian Coakes
Mr Peter Cochrane
Mrs Sally Collins
Mr Wilfred Cross
Mr Trevor A Davies
Mr Roger Drew

Mr David Dobson
Mr Wanless Dodds
Mr Anthony (Tony) Peter Edens
Mr William Evans
Mr Roy David Eve
Mr George Farrelly
Mr John Fraser
Mr John Arthur Gallimore
Mr Frank James Charles Gillam
Mr Peter David Goodwin
Mr John Philip Gray
Mrs Maud Groves
Mr Bryan Fairey
Mr Frederick Freeman
Mr William George Hall
Mr Alan Hardman
Mrs Barbara Jean Hardy
Ms S Harfield made a donation in memory of her father
Mr Roy Charles Harmon
Mr David Malcolm Harris
Mr Ian Harris
Professor Ian Harris
Mr Michael Harrison
Mr Raymond Harrold
Mr Peter Hart
Mrs Doris Helen Hawkes
Mr Syd Heayns
Mr Brian Herbert
Mrs Bernice Anne Heppell
Mr Richard James Hill
Mrs Jennifer Hitchcox
Mr Kenneth Hitchen
Mr Brian Holmes
Mrs Helen Hopkinson
Mrs Sandra Anntette Jacobs
Mr Barrie Jempson
Mr Leslie Henry Johnson
Mr Leslie Johnson
Mr Stephen Philip Johnson
Mr Eric William Jones
Mrs Kathleen Florence Judd
Mr Josef Kazimirow
Mr A Knowles
Ms Barbara Lawless
Mr Clive Leigh
Mr Paolo Mario Lewis
Mr Robert Malcolm Liddle
Mr Terrence Edward Lott
Mr Arthur Lucas
Mr Andrew Colville Macnab
Mr Clifford Mallard
Mrs Mavis Mallinson
Mr Edward Paul Martin
Mr Trevor Matthews
Mr Terence McCarthy
Mrs Sue McCarthy
Mr Thomas Len McGill
Lt Norman Middleton
Mr Zbigniew Mikosz
Mr George Mills
Mr Trevor Mills
Mr Alan Brian Mitchell
Mrs Karen Morton - Donation In Memory of her Mum
Mr Alan Murfin
Mr David Brian Murphy
Mr Brian North
Mr Trevor Bryan Norwood
Mr Alan Picken
Mr Alfred Puddy
Mr Brian Radford
Mr Graham Ralph
Mrs Joy Ray
Mr Michael John Redgwell
Mr David Santer
Mr Paul Christopher Scutt
Mr Malcolm Skittrall
Mr Edward Charles Smith
Mr Joseph Smith
Mr Richard James Smith
Mr Brian Stewart
Mr David Dobbie Sutherland
Mr Geoff Thorndike
Mr Toms
Mr Christopher Mark Trorey
Mr George Ward
Mr Andrew Maxwell Webster
Mr William Henry Wheatley
Mr Brian Wheeler
Mr Arthur Whitt
Mr Gary Yost

Donations In Memory of


Mr Anthony Boodell
Mr Peter Buckner
Mrs Fay Paula Chew
Mr Michael John Dando
Mr Roger William Drew
Mr Alan Edmonds
Mr Len England
Mr Thomas Roger Gould
Mr Robert Halton
Mr Derek Hayes
Mr Steven Heasman
Mr Colin Lilley
Mrs Sandra Hazel Frances Manchee
Mr Peter Mansfield
Mr David Graham Manton
Mr Colin Victor McMurdo
Mr Eugene Morgan
Mr Alan Thomas Newman
Mr Robert William Oxlade
Mrs Greta Marion Payne
Mrs Joanne Clare Perry
Mr Colin Townsend
Mr Barry Edwin Turner
Mr Neil Sawyer
Mr Eric Smith
Mrs Patricia Wieland
Mr Ray Willis
Mr Christopher Yates

Donations In Memory of:
£1000- £2000

Mrs Jennifer Anne Barnett
Mr Winston Franklin Bish
Mr Trevor Arthur Davies
Mr Brian Oliver Hamill
Mr Alan Hayden
Mrs Doris Eileen Hele
Mr Brian Hughes
Mr Peter William Lee
Mr Michael Alfred Looney
Mr David MacBean
Mr Terence Michael McCready
Mr Alan Morley
Mr Leslie John Mortlock
Mr Ian Scott
Mr Michael (Mick) Smith
Mr John Stein
Mrs Winifred Thacker
Mr David Unwin
Mr Gary Peter White

Donations In Memory of:
£2000 and above

Mr Dodge Dunford
Mr Steve Johnson

Donations for Research

Mrs E P Dawson