About Us: Clinical Nurse Specialists

Team Leaders

Team Leaders are clinical experts and a professional resource to the multi-professional team, supporting the Head of Nursing.

They are responsible for recruitment and retention of the Mesothelioma UK Nurse Specialist Team. Each acts as a mentor, offering support and clinical leadership to the team and supporting new nurses as they come into post.

The Team Leaders support the Mesothelioma UK Chief Executive Officers and Head of Nursing, focusing on the nursing initiatives within the charity's Five Year Strategy, as well as organising educational events, networking opportunities and team meetings. They have a local, regional and national remit to their roles.

The Team Leaders are:

Anne Moylan who covers the South of England

Leah Taylor  who covers the North East and Yorkshire.

Carolyn McCrae who covers Scotland.

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Mesothelioma UK currently has 30 nurses:

  • 25 are funded Mesothelioma UK Clinical Nurse Specialists in 23 hospital Trusts in the UK
  • 3 are adopted Mesothelioma UK Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • 2 are fostered nurses, to whom we provide support and guidance

The nurses are based in NHS hospitals across the UK, each focused on ensuring mesothelioma expertise is available at the front door of the NHS.

The team includes Liz Darlison, Mesothelioma UK Chief Executive Officer and Consultant Nurse at the University Hospitals of Leicester, who provides clinical leadership within the charity, and  Lorraine Creech, Mesothelioma UK Head of Nursing, who leads and develops the clinical nurse specialist team. They are supported by Nurse Team Leaders covering the UK’s northern, midland and southern regions.

Clinical Nurse Specialists

Mesothelioma UK Nursing Strategy 2020-2023 identifies the following goals:

1) To devolve the Mesothelioma UK Nursing leadership to the Mesothelioma UK Head of Nursing and to clarify the Mesothelioma UK Head of Nursing and Mesothelioma UK Nursing Team Leader / fixed term project leads roles.

2) To identify where additional Mesothelioma UK Clinical Nurse Specialists and Welfare Rights Workers are required to meet the specific regional needs and incidence of people with mesothelioma.

3) To establish by 2023 a Mesothelioma UK footprint of 38 specialist mesothelioma nursing posts including one in every cancer alliance in England and in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and sub specialising nurses such as those working in the Armed Forces Project, Peritoneal and Thoracic Mesothelioma Nursing.

4) For Mesothelioma UK Clinical Nurse Specialists to identify and develop small scale research and audit studies to improve outcomes.

5) To create a culture and support mechanisms to recognise and support the voice of Mesothelioma UK Nursing.